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Julian Assange said that he would release information that would “get Hillary Clinton arrested”. Is this it? Will she who has committed high crimes, displaced millions, launched wars, swamped Europe with “refugee” rapists, let enemies know state secrets, had personal enemies hunted to their deaths, lied and cheated her way to the position of presidential nominee, finally be arrested for having sex with minors?

This is from Regated, whose editor writes:

Rumors and allegations that Bill and Hillary Clinton belong to a high-level pedophile ring have surfaced on the Internet. Without much credence or proof behind the claims, I initially dismissed them. The rumors only persisted and grew and now Steve Pieczenik has now come forward with stunning claims that add fuel to this fire.

Pieczenik served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger is well-versed in foreign policy, international crisis management, and psychological warfare. He also served under presidential administrations as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush’s White House.

In other words Steve Pieczenik — with his proven history of experience — is the real deal. 


Pieczenik claims that the Clintons and their close associates have successfully pulled off a coup via corruption.

He explains that total corruption and co-option were the two strategies behind this coup. Pieczenik says Bill and Hillary Clinton co-opted many central facets of our government — the White House, the judiciary, the CIA, the FBI.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch seems to be in the pocket of the Clintons, intervening and obstructing FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s private server and e-mails at every turn. James Comey, who was on the board of directors at HSBC bank, a bank that gave $81 million to the Clinton Foundation, is also the current head of the FBI.

Pieczenik goes further to explain that the U.S. Intelligence community has started a counter-coup against the Clintons, providing information to Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

We can finally stop blaming Russians. Pieczenik states clearly that US intelligence offered data to Julian Assange. This counter-coup is working against Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Steve Pieczenik ends the video and tells us “the second American revolution” is happening.

Pieczenik claims both Clintons are frequent travelers on the Lolita Express — billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane. The Lolita Express flies to Epstein’s private island where the elite duo can “have sex with minors” says Pieczenik. He claims the NYPD has a record of the Clintons and close associates that could potentially implicate them in pedophilia.

Pieczenik tells that officials will charge Hillary Clinton with multiple crimes including obstruction of justice and other charges. He says that Bill Clinton may also suffer criminal charges. He explains the US Intelligence is aware of Clinton’s shady and illicit misdeeds and that these trips on the Lolita Express were supposedly frequent.

That Bill Clinton travels on the Lolita Express with Epstein, the convicted pedophile, is well known. But that Hillary does too is not.

We cannot vouch for this being true. But we do believe that Hillary Clinton is capable of any depravity.

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  • liz

    If this is true, it is momentous – its the second American Revolution we’ve been waiting for! Finally, after years of futile attempts by us citizens to fight the corruption and treason, patriots working within our own intelligence system bravely took it upon themselves to defeat the traitors by exposing their corruption for all to see. I don’t think the vile scum will survive their crimes being laid bare to the light of truth. Their house of Cards is beginning to fall!

    • Azgael

      as long as the 40-50% who support it are allowed to continue to live, we will not and cannot win….

      • So we must fight on.

        • liz

          Well, I’m not sure what to think about this guy now. On reading his background, he has claimed that the U.S. govt. and Mossad were behind the attacks on 9/11 (a ‘truther’?), that Kaddafi’s not dead… in addition to which, although what he says here is exactly what I would wish were true, it does seem too good to be true…
          Add to that the fact that Comey has announced, AGAIN, that they are not going to bring charges against Hillary. What now?

          • Thank you very much for this, liz. I did look the guy up, but missed those absurd opinions of his. I regret posting this now. I too wish it were true. Hope and wishful thinking, in this tense time before the election, carried me away.

            There have been one or two other reports of Hillary flying on the Lolita Express. We’ll see if they are confirmed.

            • liz

              I hope the leaked info reaches enough people before they vote, in spite of the media blackout. This whole thing is just so bizarre – that someone who is undeniably guilty of not just crimes, but crimes that have gravely damaged our national security, which she knowingly committed while serving as Secretary of State – how can this person even be running for President??!!
              If a Republican had done these things they’d already be in prison for it. And they’d have been tarred, feathered, and lynched by the media before the trial even started.
              Interesting, too, to find that these leftists are continuing the ‘grand tradition’ you’ve so well documented of the perverted, insane ‘action’ art – so fitting for these sociopathic criminals.

  • liz

    Yes, no depravity would be surprising with them. What is somewhat surprising is that they would jeopardize their “coup” – and that’s exactly what it is – so carelessly. This may be their “Achilles heel”.