Celebrate, celebrate, this glorious day! 15

This day of President-elect Donald Trump’s triumph.

To add to the pleasure of the victory, consider how glum must they be feeling, all those princes, emirs, CEOs, diplomats, wheeler-dealers, unscrupulous exploiters of the downtrodden, financiers of mass murderers who gave money to the Clintons – ostensibly to their “charitable” Foundation – in the expectation that a future President Hillary Clinton would reward them with favors. Millions, tens of millions of dollars, down the drain! George Soros, the èminence mauvaise of the whole international Left, poured … what… billions ? into getting the corrupt Clintons back into supreme power. All wasted, George, all wasted now.

The Clinton Foundation will get no more donations. Not much point now in its continuing to exist. It never did give anything worth mentioning to charity. And what need now for Bill and Hillary and Chelsea to jet round the world and live high on the hog – the “good causes” on which the Foundation spent most of its bribe-money?

The Clintons will be out of public life at last. As a former president, Bill and his wife will continue to have Secret Service guards – to her continuing annoyance. The disadvantage of being Someone Important without being important.

Let’s think gleefully of the impending departure from high office of Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson. Maybe James Comey too.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR will no longer be welcome at the White House. Happiness!

And yet more happiness: Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, John Kerry – that bunch of irritating women who have surrounded Barack Obama –  will pass into dim obscurity, and their dirty deeds will have to be undone, now that the eight-year long winter of our discontent is changed to glorious summer by this Son of New York.

  • Ellie

    Congratulation to our American cousins. The other half and I woke up yesterday to such good news! We were begining to think democracy had been taken to a ditch in a wood somewhere and shot in the head. But rumours of its death were exagerated.
    We wish you success over the coming 4-8 years.

    • Thank you, Ellie!

      I think it very likely that the good effects of the change coming with the Trump presidency will be felt all over the world.

  • Robbie

    My Facebook newsfeed was certainly entertaining with all my hardcore Leftist friends losing their minds as the results rolled in.

    Yes I said friends. I don’t bring politics to my Facebook page. Just dumbass memes and video games, hehe.

  • liz

    Yes, this ought to be made a national holiday – Our second Independence Day!
    We are now free from the tyranny of the totalitarian Left.

    • Bruce

      Now we have to worry about Mitch the Leftists’ Bitch and Lyin’ Ryan doing everything they can to block Trump’s agenda. I hope he has something ot hold over them like the sword of Damocles, or can find something, because those two wretched little sellouts could become a major problem for real reform.

      • liz

        That’s right. But with a Republican President and majorities in the House and Senate, there will be no more excuses for not doing the right thing. They ought to stick out like a sore thumb now when they start mouthing politically correct platitudes.

  • RonW

    Lol the bent Shskespeare quote – made my day.

  • Azgael

    A bitter victory IMO, HItlery won the popular vote, far to many states where too close, this maybe the LAST GOP POTUS america sees. Like i said, POTUS elect Donald J Trump is only a band aid, and when the band aid gets ripped off in 4-8 years it will be more painful then, to do what should have been done now.

    Hollywood is still infested with vermin, The schools are still controlled by non-human creatures and they will continue to destroy the minds of the young and the MSM will not change, and even the ONLY conservative nation station (Fox) is not FULLY on thew left.

    And BTW Romney had 60,933,504 Votes to Trumps 59,578,825.
    The ONLY reason Trump won was because 6 million people who voted for Obama stayed home. Obama had 65,915,795 in 2012. There was NO monster vote.

    • Much will change soon, more will change slowly.

      I think the New Left went as far as it could go with the election of Obama, and will now, with the election of Trump, start to fade out of power not only in America but everywhere.

      The Left is bankrupt of ideas. It is obsessively preoccupied with trivialities and fictions, chiefly “racism”, “sexism”, and”climate change”. Reality has overtaken it at last – as it was bound to do.

      • Azgael

        Sorry to be a party pooper, but reality must be seen, will it change? the left still controls the school, the entertainment industry, and now 100% of the MSM with fox going full leftist. The left has a nasty habit of being like cockroaches. remember Hitlery was such a horrible candidate that 6 MILLION people stayed home rather than voter for it, now in the next 4 years Trump may get more popular if he gets the job done but 6 million is alot of people.

        the most important thing is, there was NO monster vote…this should frighten everyone.

        • Change has to start somewhere. This is the best start that change away from Leftism – which has had very long innings – could possibly have. It won’t happen overnight. In time the school curricula will change; the intellectual climate will change, carrying a new generation of academics with it; the ill-informed unthinking Hollywood types will produce films to please a changed audience, or go out of business. In short, Leftism will become UNFASHIONABLE. The press will have to change or go under. In time even the main TV news channels will shift away from Leftism. That might happen quite soon, actually. It is not possible for news collectors and broadcasters to function if they so antagonize the ruling powers that they are cut off from direct government sources. People follow trends and fashions. Change will come. A lot depends on how long Trump can stay in power, and whether he can be followed by a like-thinker. But a start has been made.

          • Azgael

            Jillian…i hope you are correct, and i hope it happens everywhere in the western world.

  • Jillian, I owe you an apology.

    I was pessimistic about this election and expressed that pessimism on this forum on several occasions. Only Monday evening, on the second to last day of our annual elk hunt, I told my loyal sidekick Rat that I gave The Donald one chance in four of pulling it off.

    You were right, Jillian, and I was wrong, and I have never – never – been happier in my life to say those words.

    • That is a gracious thing to do, Animal. Thank you.

      My optimism was essential for keeping me sane. It was challenged every day.

      Now we share the happiness!

      Do you still plan to move to Alaska?

      • We do – in fact, we are flying to Anchorage tomorrow to look at some neighborhoods around Palmer, Eagle River and Wasilla. We want to move there mostly for the outdoor opportunities as both Mrs. Animal and I love camping, hunting and fishing – its distance from mainstream political machinations was merely a bonus.