How Trump deals with an insolent Saudi prince 5

Judging by this, President Trump will have no difficulty conducting US relations with foreign powers:

The poppy Ezra Levant is wearing is the British symbol of mourning for their soldiers who died in the two World Wars, commemorated today, November 11.


(Hat-tip for the video to our reader and commenter Cassandra)

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  • Robbie

    Saw this in the comments: “Hey has anyone else noticed that not a single leftist has threatened to move to a muslim country despite that fact they repeatedly claim muslims are the best people on the planet? Come on lefties, move to a muslim country and organize a gay pride parade, open a church, or a women’s rights center, or an atheist group. You will get to show the world precisely how loving, open-minded, tolerant and inclusive muslims really are.”

    Nail, meet hammer.

    • That would also be a great comment on our Facebook page, Robbie.That’s where intrepid lefties dare to tread. They need such educational comments held under their noses.

      • Robbie

        Heh, I’m staying undercover because I have quite a few Liberal friends. 😛

  • Robbie

    Thank you! Another YouTube channel added to my considerable list.

  • liz

    That is so awesome!!! A fighter is exactly what we need to beat back the Left and arrogant Islamic supremacists. He obviously isn’t going to take crap off of anybody! Bravo, Trump!!!