The scoffers who must now eat crow 5

Trump supporters, enjoy!

Posted under Humor by Jillian Becker on Sunday, November 13, 2016

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  • liz

    Ha!! It’s just too good!! Talk about a victory “against all odds”- he did it!!
    Let them eat that crow and choke on it!

  • Damon

    Over-the-Hill George Will should have been in that number, too. He was out to convince us all that Trump’s candidacy was going down in flames and taking down-ballot Republican candidates with him in an apocalyptic defeat for the GOP. How wrong can a fellow conservative atheist be?

    • liz

      I still don’t understand what possessed conservatives to reject Trump, who was our only hope – not only to defeat the leftists in the election, but to drain the government swamp entirely once elected!

      • The conservatives who rejected Trump (a comparatively small number) were part of the establishment swamp.

        • liz

          Someone should remind him of the ‘Little Red Hen’, who told the lazy pig – “you wouldn’t help me bake my bread, so now you can’t help me eat it!”