Going down 3

The Democrats with their Leftist agenda have just been massively defeated in the 2016 elections.

Their remedy? Move further left. Or in their words, “be more progressive”.

Way to go, Democrats!

To look in on the Democratic Party in its death throes, watch this short video in which Cenk Uyger of “The Young Turks” pushes hard for the “real progressive”, Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, to be the new DNC leader.

To read about Ellison’s incendiary opinions and present connections to terrorist-sponsoring organizations, go here.

  • Every time, anywhere in the world, that socialist policies have failed, there is always the same excuse and the same reaction:

    Excuse: We didn’t have the right people in charge; socialism just needs the right Top Men.

    Reaction: We just need to socialism harder.

    The reaction to Trump’s victory is following this pattern yet again.

    • liz

      Right. Now they’ll revert to the role of victimized ‘underdogs’ fighting the good fight for social justice against the evil white capitalist ‘hegemony’.
      It’ll be a rerun of the 60s “revolution” against the “establishment”, even though they ARE the establishment and they just lost the real revolution.

  • liz

    Yeah, way to go! Hopefully they’ll keep going till they go all the way over the cliff into the abyss of leftist oblivion, ranting incoherently about social justice, white privilege and Islamophobia all the way!
    Have a nice life, useful idiots, and good riddance, hopefully for eternity!