Kill the UN 3

The great Pat Condell on the subject of Evil HQ, aka the United Nations:




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  • liz

    Exactly right! Who in their right mind would take orders from their enemies? (Much less fund them and furnish them a building on our own soil).
    The pretense of the UN’s “Human Rights Council” at judging other countries (namely Israel’s) ‘human rights violations’ is worse than ludicrous – it’s an insult to the civilized world, as is the fact that the UN is still allowed to exist.

    • Absolutely right, liz!

      It is very encouraging to see that there is a bill before Congress to bring the US out of the United Nations and stop all funding for that horrible institution. It’s called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. We’ll be watching its progress with keen interest!

      • liz

        That’s awesome!!! Not even a week into Trump’s administration and they’re already at full steam with the PUSHBACK! And I think it’s only going to get better! Let the left throw their tantrums – Trump is going to ignore them like the whiny brats they are, and stay focused on his agenda.