The “anti-fascist” fascists of the Left 7

These are the badges, banners, and insignia of ANTIFA, an international “anti-fascist” FASCIST organization.

It was a moving force in the riots at UC Berkeley last night (February 1, 2017).

It suitably uses the colors and the violence of the Nazis.


Posted under nazism by Jillian Becker on Thursday, February 2, 2017

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  • What I find endlessly amusing is how these juvenile delinquents style themselves as “anarchists.” Ha! If there ever was an actual societal/governmental collapse, say after a major EMP event and loss of the power grid, how long do you suppose these sheltered little gonifs would last?

    I give them (charitably) five days before someone kills them and takes their stuff, or before they just die from drinking contaminated water. Any savvy enough to last longer then five days will probably starve to death.

    None of these idiots have the skills to survive in a real anarchy. They haven’t the slightest clue what it is they are advocating.

    • Totally agree – and enjoy your description of them. And of their hypothetical fate. Their well-deserved fate.

      • Well-deserved and entirely predictable – it’s belaboring the obvious, perhaps, to point out to radical lefties advocating “revolution” that their side ain’t the side that has all the guns.

  • Robert Kantor

    “There is nothing so frightening as ignorance in action.’ (Goethe)

    Do you think these thugs and the spineless university officials who tolerate them know anything about history?

    • I’m certain they do not.

      They don’t like history – except the bit where there were black slaves in America. History is all about dead white men. Nobody should want to know anything about such monsters and what they did. Except that some of them kept black slaves in America.

    • liz

      Yes, their ignorance dooms us to history repeating itself over and over.
      The anarchists, fascists, and Communists of the old Left (like George Soros), were revived in the “New Left” 60’s radicals (like Bill Ayres), who are now, in their old age, presiding over this new crop of ignorant, brainwashed idiots (like Obama).

  • liz

    Wow. Nothing like displaying your violent fascist hatred as a literal badge of honor while accusing anyone disagreeing with you of being violent, hateful fascists! So very convincing.