Hello evolution, bye-bye creationism 13

One state honors Charles Darwin on the anniversary of his birthday.

The day of Darwin’s entry into the world was the beginning of the end for that fictitious character the Creator God. His dying is a long drawn out process, but from February 12, 1809, he was doomed.

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  • Cogito
    • Thank you, Cogito.

      Here is a quotation from the article you link us to, which I choose particularly because of what Animal tells us his coworker and friend said about evolution:

      “Things haven’t changed much since 1860. A 2014 Gallup poll showed that 42 percent of Americans are young-Earth creationists, while another 31 percent are theistic evolutionists like Gray, accepting some form of human evolution but insisting it was directed by God. And only 19 percent of us — 1 in 5 — adhere to Darwin’s view that humans evolved in a purely naturalistic way with no supernatural help.”

      Only 19 percent of Americans believe we evolved without supernatural help?

      Astonishing! Deeply distressing!

      • Cogito

        Distressing yes, but astonishing….No.

        Human nature is what it is.

        We continue to hope eh?

      • This is the part that I find distressing: “A 2014 Gallup poll showed that 42 percent of Americans are young-Earth creationists.”

        There are only two reasons one can believe that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old; either staggering ignorance, or outright denial. In the modern Western world, I can’t see how it can be anything but the latter.

    • liz

      Fascinating! It really is amazing how the whole controversy between reason and religion that has been going on in America since before the founding, thanks to the Enlightenment, is still raging, even after the ‘bomb’ Darwin dropped in the midst of it with “On the Origin of Species”!

  • liz

    It’s about time Darwin got the appreciation he deserves! It’s rather sad to see Christians today still trying to poke holes in his ‘theory’, while ignoring the facts.
    I’d be willing to bet that if Thomas Jefferson (along with many other founding fathers) were alive today he’d be a Darwin honoring atheist.

  • Some years back I had a coworker and friend who was a trained biologist and a staunch Catholic. He once told me it was clear to him that “God created Man, and evolution is the tool He used to do it.”

    I had to give him credit for a viewpoint that at least was consistent with observed facts.

    • That’s a very long way round. Why should an omnipotent creator not create man instantly if that’s his aim?

      That’s the really stupid sort of answer that creationists give. It makes no sense at all. If you see him again, Animal, please consider telling him so – at least as a message from me.

      • You’re right, it’s a rather torturous way around the obvious explanation. I countered him with “Why not just say God created Man as is and also placed all those fossil remains in the Earth?” That, by the way, is exactly what my first wife’s family believed.- she didn’t, being something of a black sheep in her family where religion was concerned.

        It’s amazing the lengths to which folks will go to hang on to their superstitions.

        • Please see my reply to Cogito’s comment below. Bears on what you told us about your coworker friend’s belief.

        • liz

          Yes, seems like I’ve heard a similar one – the devil put the fossils there as a ‘stumbling block’, just like he made up all those ‘false’ religions with the same storyline as the gospels beforehand, to discredit the ‘real’ ones!

  • Alex Curry

    Well done Delaware, the only state of 50 states to do it right.

    Religions went extinct on November 24, 1859 when the father of modern biology published On the Origin of Species. Unfortunately not everyone got the memo.

    • Thanks for your comment, Alex Curry. Good to hear from you. We hope to hear from you again.