On the politically correct trial of an heroic heretic 4

“Political correctness” is a doctrine of the religion of Leftism.

In Europe, anyone who does not conform to it is a blaspheming heretic and must be hunted down, brought to trial, and condemned. It is no defense that the accused spoke the truth. The law protects “political correctness” from the truth.

In this video, Pat Condell fires the truth at the politically correct Dutch cowards who served the hostile interests of Islam by bringing Geert Wilders, heroic leader of the Party of Freedom, to trial late last year, on absurd charges of “insulting a group” – namely, Moroccan Muslims – and “inciting discrimination”. They found him “guilty”.

(See our post about the trial, Speaking Freely for Freedom, December 10, 2016, here.)

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  • Doctor J

    Great video, as usual, from Mr. Condell – except for the dig at McCarthy, who has been unreasonably smeared by mainstream historians.

    • I agree with you, Doctor J.

      McCarthy did what needed to be done, and is much maligned when he ought to be praised.

      • liz

        He did mention “Mcarthyism” nearer the end. But still awesomely spot on, as always. He can load more honest truth into 5 minutes than a Dutch court could in a few centuries!
        Appallingly, we are witnessing the resurgence of Totalitarianism before our very eyes, courtesy of globalist elites and Islamofascists.

        • Thanks, liz. Sorry, Doctor J. I missed that reference.