Women and their enemies: Muslims, rapists, and feminists 5

Again we take pleasure in spreading the truth eloquently told by Pat Condell in another of his series of important videos.

This is a rallying cry to the women of Europe, to vote their pro-Islam governments out, and so save themselves from the Muslim barbarians who have invaded their countries at those governments’ invitation.

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  • Erdogan played on German guilt about the Nazi era (this is known as Kollektivschuld ), calling Merkel a Nazi.


    She is not a nationalist, that is clear enough. Perhaps she should be called a Glozi (Globalist Socialist)? Let me know if you like this, could attempt to start another meme..

    Started a discussion on this theme looking at some of his earlier pronouncements as well:


    • I like the term “Glozi” – new to me. That is what she is. Like most of the other European leaders.

      Erdogan seems to be waging a cold war on Europe. Greece – Turkey’s old enemy – is particularly nervous about it.

      Thanks for the links. Good piece, your “Turkey in Germany”.

      I’m not well-informed about this subject, but would like to know more. It has significant bearing on the problem of Islamic majorities forming in Europe, and the (desirable) disintegration of the EU.

      I’d be interested in anything you write about Merkel as a “Glozi”, and about Merkel confronted by Erdogan. (Though I could not comment usefully.)

      • I think I just invented that :-).

        It seems to me this is a powerful argument against the actions of Merkel. Far from atoning for the sins of Germany’s past, she is creating the very conditions for those same sins to flourish again. Here is a video that demonstrates this:

        I don’t speak German but as far as I can work out the chants are exactly as stated..

        “Jude, Jude, feiges Schwein, komm heraus und kaempf allein”

        (‘Jew, Jew, coward pig, come outside and fight alone’ )

        As usual the threatening mob mentality is present with the words “fight alone”. Of course the German media is not covering such disturbances, once again they are lying by omission. No arrests were made apparently either (of course they weren’t), Germans are not equal under their own law.

        At the new site I am planning to have a static area where we gather all the best arguments on the big issues together.

  • Cogito

    Condell continues to amaze. Each piece he does is an elegant and cogent

    slap in the face to progressives who are determined to dismantle our Western Civilization. He is indispensable.

  • liz

    Well put, that today’s pseudo feminists are “spectators at a tsunami” that’s coming right at them, while they worry about ‘microaggressions’ or whatever.
    Pat’s ability to remain calm and reasonable while explaining the obvious to imbeciles is quite impressive!