Behold France benefiting from Muslim immigration 10

Please, Mr. President, issue an executive order that will prevent this happening in America. You did? What happened? Some judge declared it unconstitutional? …

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  • liz

    Yes, what a great benefit to France! Who wouldn’t want to enrich their society with barbaric, criminal, violent invaders?
    I am so fed up with this unconstitutional interference by leftist activist “judges” ruling against the Presidents executive order on immigration.
    It’s already constitutional for him to do it – I don’t understand why he can’t just declare THEM to be violating the Constitution and obstructing him from doing his job as president, not to mention endangering national security!
    Why are these traitors being allowed to continue to dictate policy?

  • Cogito

    Brings to mind another time when Paris was also in the hands of Nazi thugs – “Is Paris Burning”

  • More enrichment. The BBC has asked “what should the punishment be for blasphemy:

    • I was reading about that.

      The undoing of Britain.

      At least the BBC later apologized – I gather. Or didn’t they?

      • I will do a write up on the program (although the program was 3 hours long – it will be painful work), It shone a light on the British “Asian” Network and the BBC generally far beyond the headline, a lot of food for thought there.

        The BBC did “apologize”, but they were obviously struggling to understand really what they did wrong:

        1st attempt:

        Apologies for poorly worded question from #AsianNetwork yday. Q was in context of Pak asking FB to help we shd have made that clear

        2nd attempt:

        We never intend to imply Blasphemy should be punished. Provocative question that got it wrong

        At least this has sparked a fierce debate on the internet, there have been a lot of articles in the blog-o-sphere about it.

        • Please let us know when you have done your write-up. Nobly undertaken!

          • Mercifully the debate only lasted for the first hour of the show. Here is my right up:

            “What Is The Right Punishment For The BBC?”


            With this article I think we can declare the Participator is now live! I am going to try and post one thing per day from now on.

            • I have welcomed “The Participator” in a comment under your excellent article.

              Tomorrow I will tell our readers that “The Participator” has been launched and recommend it. I’ll also quote from the article.

              Again I congratulate you on the launch!

            • Great, thanks Jillian!