Nebraska welcomes totalitarian supremacists 1

Nebraska Democrats welcome Muslim “refugees” – some of them, opines this spokeswoman, “with skills”, such as those who have been “leaders of political parties” – with “comfort baskets”  that include voting registration forms.

Note 1: There is no Islamic political organization in any of the countries the Muslim “refugees” are coming from  – chiefly Syria and Iraq – that is not supremacist and totalitarian. There are no middle eastern Muslim political leaders who would allow women to be equal to men.

Note 2: US law does not permit an immigrant to vote until he/she has been in the US for 5 years and has then applied for, and been granted, citizenship.

This is pure “virtue-signaling”.

“We are such nice generous people,” is this woman’s message. “See how nice I am, how nice we Democrats are.”

They are not nice. They are either ill-informed and foolish, or deliberately subversive.

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  • liz

    Yes, the Democrat party covers the whole spectrum. It is ‘diverse’ enough to include those so ill informed they qualify as ‘useful idiots’, and those subversive enough to qualify as traitors. And then there are the coveted ‘victims’ on whom they lavish their ‘compassion’, which of course includes the thoughtful provision of voter registration material! Along with, I’m sure, a crash course on how to maximize their priviledged victim status by hoovering up every government handout available.