A wicked motion 1

Mark Steyn explains with brilliant clarity that what is wrong with the motion M-103 ┬árecently passed by the Canadian parliament is that it is a lie. It is now an official parliamentary resolution that claims there is “a climate of hate and fear” of Islam among the general population of Canada.

There is no such thing – though there ought to be, and it ought to be strong enough to make it impossible to pass such a resolution.

Hate and fear are only being preached, urged, promoted, and induced by Muslims themselves, with sermons and acts of terrorism. They even call for genocide. And their right to do so will not be in the least diminished by this stupid lying resolution. On the contrary, M-103 protects Muslim hate-mongers and terrorists.

“We are taking refuge in official lies as our civilization crumbles,” Mark Steyn says at the end of the video.

We can only save our civilization if we start now seriously hating and fearing Islam, actively engaging its war against us with all we’ve got, and defeating it.

  • liz

    Very well said, and yes, it is a war. Sadly, much of the war has already been won by our enemies, before most of us even knew it was happening.
    The Left has been working for decades to prepare us to accept resolutions like this, by poisoning us with “sappy, soppy”, meaningless drivel about ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’. We are mentally incapable of recognizing reality, much less a real enemy. (Mark’s contrasting of the phrase “building bridges”, endlessly repeated by leftist idiots, to the mowing down of innocent victims on bridges by the terrorists they enable, is a brilliant example.)
    They’ve mentally disarmed Europeans so completely that they’ve already submitted to the disarming of not only themselves, but their police.
    And no one dares “call a spade a spade” and admit that Muslims are not among us to assimilate to us, but rather to subjugate us to themselves.