The EU unravels 3

… or so we ardently hope.

With special regard to the post immediately below, we ask:

Will Hungary and Poland leave the undemocratic, pro-Islam, deeply corrupt European Union?

Christine Williams writes at Jihad Watch:

France and Germany, along with a host of up to 21 other countries, are set to demand Hungary and Poland either accept migrants under the quota system or leave the European Union.

The European Union is set to be a fragmented jumble, plagued by crime and broken economies, and it is all due to the reckless leadership of corrupt politicians who flung open the doors of their borders to unvetted Muslim refugees, at the expense of their own citizens. … Thee leaders of Hungary and Poland …  appear to be ready to thumb their noses at the EU and leave it.

Hungary has been detaining migrants and sending them back. Hungarian leader Viktor Orban angrily lashed out at Angela Merkel, warning her that the Muslim migrant crime problem in Germany would spill over into neighboring countries, and stating that Hungary would not pay for Merkel’s error.

Hungary also recently opened a military base at its border to stop migrants; Orban has declared 2017 “a year of rebellion” to “make Hungary great again,” and has rightly stated that “Europe is not free” because “freedom begins with speaking the truth.”

And in Poland:

Poland’s conservative Law and Justice Party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – PiS) swept to victory in 2015, partly due to voter anger over the previous government agreeing to take [Muslim] migrants under the quota system.

Hungary can be said to have been geopolitically great when it shared an imperial crown with Austria – a state of affairs that ended with the First World War.

And Poland had its “golden age” from the 15th to the mid-18th century.

If they only follow Britain out of the EU, and President Trump in re-establishing the strong nation-state in principle and in fact, they can be “great again”.

  • liz

    Amazing that out of all the countries in the EU, only Poland and Hungary seem to have any common sense. Even after Brexit, Britain is still in denial about Muslims, electing Khan as Mayor, etc., so it doesn’t really qualify.
    BUT at least they did vote to leave the EU, and I hope Poland and Hungary do as well, and create a domino effect, with others following.
    Germany and Sweden seem to be beyond salvaging from utter insanity.

  • TheImpaler

    Um, Ugh. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved after the FIRST world war, not the second. Hungary was a Nazi ally in the second world war. Not to diminish their brave stand against the EU now, but let’s get our facts straight.

    • Absolutely right! A senior moment. I have instantly corrected it.

      Thank you.