A real American reset button 4

How cool is that – to actually make the Chinese Politburo sit [dining with President Trump] through a night of American targeted bombing?” Mark Steyn exclaims, as he comments, cogently and wittily as always, on Thursday night’s strike by the US on Syria.

The bombing was a praiseworthy act of “tactical ruthlessness”, which now needs to be “matched with strategic clarity”.

In regard to the Russians, who keep Assad “on his throne” in Syria, the strike – says Mark Steyn – was “A REAL AMERICAN RESET BUTTON”.

And in  the course of this recorded flow of apt observations delivered on Fox News next morning, he remarks: “Obama mistook the sidelines for the moral high ground.”

Which should be Obama’s epitaph. Or one of them.

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  • Cogito

    Well, yes it may be very cool as Steyn says, but otherwise I disagree.

    This is another campaign promise Trump has broken – to not interfere in Syria.

    Both parties in this war are unspeakably evil. Let them destroy one another. I don’t think I could bear to see any more American deaths in order to save the lives of those who hate us and our way of life.

    American involvement in moslem conflicts has proven to be disastrous.
    Think of Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran. There is no reason to think
    this will turn out otherwise. One scholar has said that the mid-east is the crucible of civilization but also its graveyard.

    I believe Mr Trump is getting very poor advice from his leftist family, Jared and Ivanka…and from his so-called conservative advisors such as Mattis and McMaster.

    • Iran, with Russia’s active help, is building up forces in the region of Syria and Lebanon in order to attack Israel. The third in this Axis of Evil is North Korea. Iran and North Korea are helping each other acquire a deliverable nuclear arsenal, ultimately with the aim of attacking the United States. The chaos within Syria has provided the opportunity for this. Eight years of the pretend-leadership of Barack Obama (“from behind”) opened wide this opportunity. It has to be stopped. President Trump has fired a shot across the bows of the Axis. We’ll see if it gives those three regimes pause. If they stir … Nikki Haley said yesterday at the UN, “We are prepared to do more”.

      • Cogito

        You may be right, Jillian.
        Only time will tell.

    • liz

      Yes, if all they did was destroy each other, I wouldn’t care – so much the better! But the problem, as Jillian points out, is that if we don’t intervene, Russia and Iran will use the conflict to their advantage against us.
      Power hungry dictators are only deterred by one thing – greater power.
      Libya, Egypt, Iraq, etc, are disasters because Obama screwed them over for the sake of the Muslim Brotherhood and the future world Caliphate he no doubt expects to rule.