Now the final stages of the struggle for the survival of our civilization 1

Bernard Lewis, the greatest living expert on Islam, its history and ideology, says in this interview (published 2011) that we are in “the final stages” of the centuries-long struggle between “the true believers and the unbelievers and the misbelievers”. Formerly it was between Islam and Christianity. In our time, it is between Islam and the secular West.

What is at stake?” he is asked.

He replies: “The survival of our civilization.”

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  • liz

    Good advice, but it doesn’t appear many have been listening. We finally have some that might, but it remains to be seen how far they get in applying it.
    Even a weak, wimpy “temporary” stay on immigration from only a few Muslim countries is being thwarted by traitors who should have been defrocked.
    They should have steamrolled over these phony, illegitimate posers like speed bumps. Meanwhile, more terrorists are slipping in under the radar.
    Like he says, it’s no minor conflict – it’s a major war, and if we want to win it we can’t continue to allow the invasion of our enemy for fear of offending the perpetually offended.