What may not be said 4

In the United States now, university administrations are doing nothing to deter or stop the violent gangs of the Left who are imposing an orthodoxy of opinion in the academies. Intimidated by their own Leftist students, they would rather refuse a platform to any speaker that the bigoted intolerant students want to silence.

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn discuss this on Fox News:

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  • Bruce

    Speaking of left-wing professors and academics…. this might put a smile on a few faces:


    • Thanks for the link. Bruce.

      Could any human figure more perfectly represent the age of university safe spaces, trigger warnings, intersectionality, and bans on free speech than a hooded, black-clothed, violently aggressive member of Antifa who is also a Professor of Ethics ?

  • Cogito

    Terrific interview.

    Steyn is utterly indispensable.

  • liz

    Its so ridiculous that these violent fascists posing as ‘antifascists’ are allowed to get away with this crap. But not surprising at all, given that their teachers are the likes of Bill Ayers – old hippies from the 60’s who fried their brains before they had a chance to develop any ability to think rationally.
    Mark’s right – it’s a shame and a disgrace.