The universe wants to kill us 1


We have strong differences of opinion with both Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Maher on political issues, but not on religion. They are atheists. (Go here for a video of Bill Maher condemning Islam.)

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  • liz

    Thanks – a good list of arguments! A clip of Ayn Rand would have been a good one to add to that list, but her political views may have disqualified her from the consideration of whoever compiled it. Still good, though.
    I like Hitchens’ point that the fact that humans are animals is obvious when you consider the beliefs and behavior of Muslims. The encroachment of Muslims into Western civilization is akin to having a slice of evolutionary history thawed out like an ancient mammoth and come to life in our midst.
    We now know, too late, that it should have been kept frozen in the past.