The dying of the Left 8

Parties of the socialist Left are dying in Western democracies.

No need to look at Venezuela where the most recent total wreck of a country has been brought about by socialism to see that the creed has lost its appeal. Look at France, Britain, America.

The Socialist Party is finished in France:

Samuel Earle writes at The Atlantic:

The most open presidential race France has seen since the formation of the Fifth Republic, with four candidates in close contention, saw no place for the Socialist Party, a stalwart of the French political scene for the past half century. The election was full of surprises, scandals, twists, and turns. But for numerous reasons the Socialists were never really in the mix.

The Labour Party is done for in Britain:

Jason Cowley writes at the leftist New Statesman:

The stench of decay and failure coming from the Labour Party is now overwhelming. Speak to any Conservative MP and they will say that there is no opposition. Period. … Labour is fatally divided inside parliament and outside it. On its present foundations this Labour house cannot stand. The MPs do not want the leadership. The leadership does not want the MPs; it wants to unhouse them. [Jeremy] Corbyn … is not a leader … [He] has failed even on his own terms, and his failure has created a crisis of the left

The Labour Party has had to advertise  for people who will stand as their candidates in the forthcoming general election.  Prime Minister Theresa May has called it because she expects to increase her (not very conservative) Conservative Party’s majority by a very large number.

The Democratic Party in America became a socialist party. It lost heavily in the 2016 elections and is now in tatters.

This is what the American Left looks like these days. These are self-described “anti-fascists”. They call themselves Antifa. Their banners are intentionally made to look like the banners of the Nazis. And they themselves look very like ISIS.

Thus this pictorial statement:

And what of the Democratic Party leaders?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is rapidly going senile.

Honeymoon-in-Soviet-Russia Bernie Sanders distances himself from the Democratic Party yet has captured the support of its base. A strong indication of the party’s disintegration there, as socialist Bernie leads the flock far off into limbo.

And what of Tom Perez, Chair of the Democratic National Committee?  The party that won’t condemn Antifa finds its susceptibilities hurt by Perez’s constant swearing! And a minority of Democrats are disturbed by his announcement that the party will no longer tolerate members who are against abortion on demand. So-called “pro-lifers” are not wanted. In fact, abortion has become so central an issue that the party could fairly be named “the Abortion Party”. On its way into oblivion, that is.

Tragically, though, it will leave behind it an heir that is even more thoroughly totalitarian, even more ruthlessly oppressive, even more cruel than most socialist tyrants – the Left’s foster-child Islam.

  • liz

    Yes, I’m hoping the Democrat party implodes under the dictatorship of Perez, the commie Lenin lookalike, and Ellison, the commie Muslim.
    The popularity of Sanders, the old hippie commie, is disturbing, though.
    If all it takes to sell millenials on Socialism is to package it in a bad remake of Mr. Magoo, there’s not much hope they’ll ever overcome the brainwashing.

  • Athrin

    it is hilarious to see “conservatives” think that the left is defeated or that socialism is defeated when in reality, it is more powerful than ever. Trump only won because Adolf Hitlery Rhodam clinton was the worst candidate in the history of politics, Sanders would have crushed Trump in the general, Macron, is a socialist all but in name, and he is slated to crush Le Pen, the other western EU nations are doubling down on socialism and May is far from conservative in any way. What is hurting most leftists parties is their alliance with islam, as more terrorist attacks happen and the more leftists parties keep making excuses, socialists will form new parties. Most so called conservative parties in the western world skew far to the left rather than the right.

    • Zerothruster

      Athrin, I see your points, but you way overstate them. “… more powerful than ever.” ? No – still alive, but not more powerfully so – especially not in USA. … It’s not at all clear that Sanders would have beaten Trump… I think you’re more right about Macron, but we’ll see in a few days… Conservative parties trend more to the center than right, even though they get reported as “far-right” and so forth. But they’re not “far to the left” as you say.
      If I had to guess, I’d say you vote either Libertarian or not at all — an electoral refusenik. I have an atheist/anarcho-capitalist friend who doesn’t vote, and I understand his objections. A total rejection of democracy and politics.

      • Bruce

        I can understand the feeling. I heartily despise modern politics. But if I refuse to vote, am I not in effect not making myself heard, silencing myself, and letting the enemy who wishes to silence me win? Do I dislike the majority of the Republicans? I’d say there’s a good chance of it, as so many of them are CINOs or two-faced pseudoreligious or actually religious kooks. Do I hate the majority of the Democrats? Overwhelmingly so. JFK and FDR would, I think be profoundly appalled at what their party has turned into. There’s one, perhaps two Democrats in Congress whom I have a modicum of respect for. In my opinion, it is time for our own long march through the institutions. Retaking things, if at all possible, will be a long, unpleasant, dirty, and vicious fight, not the least because we’re also fighting people who nominally are on our side, yet would rather work with the enemy against us. The only alternative is the bullet box over the ballot box, and I fear that may all too soon come to pass. It’s my hope that Trump will give the RINOs/CINOs enough rope that they hang themselves in the next election and many get primaried by an enraged electorate. Maybe then sanity can start to rule again in some small measure.

        • liz

          “Its time for our own long march through the institutions.”
          That’s a great idea. I’m still trying to figure out how the Lefts long march was met with so little resistance it turned into a waltz right into the White House and every other seat of power for the last 8 years. If we were that easy to take, I’d love to share your confidence in our chances of taking it back.

          • Duke of Hazzard

            Liz, it didn’t take the left 8 years to seize power. It’s been a slow and steady process for the last 60+ years. They have moved inch by inch through the decades, so as to avoid detection by the masses. We cannot delude ourselves into believing that things can be reversed in a 4 or 8 year Trump presidency.

            • True. But I think you miss liz’s point. She acknowledges “the long march through the institutions”, and says rightly that it culminated – climaxed – in the 8 years when Obama was president and along with his minions held the most powerful position in the world. And she says as you do that it will not be easy to undo the evil done.

            • liz

              Exactly my point!