Let them stab slice gash slash tear rip scrape hack off little girls’ genitals 11

… and don’t be so bigoted and intolerant as to call it mutilation.

It is purification for Allah’s sake.

Here’s a video clip of Tucker Carlson on Fox News interviewing a woman convert to Islam who defends the practice.

But in a column at Fox News Opinion, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who was forced to suffer female genital mutilation herself, explains and deplores the rite, which is observed by Muslims (though not only by Muslims and not by all Muslims), in Africa (though not only in Africa). (See a list of countries here and religious groups here.)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes:

The recent news that a grand jury in Michigan has indicted three people, including two doctors, for female genital mutilation is a welcome development. As the first ever prosecutions of this crime in the United States, the case shines much needed light on an underground human rights abuse that has been going on for too long. Female genital mutilation has been deliberately covered up by those practicing it here or sending their daughters overseas during summer break to be mutilated outside of the law.

Yet, ham-fisted attempts to appear culturally sensitive by the likes of the New York Times reporting on this story will push these issues underground once more. The newspaper’s Health and Science Editor wrote that referring to female genital mutilation as ‘genital cutting’ is less ‘culturally loaded’ and will help to bridge a gap between those who practice FGM and those who campaign against it. In her eyes it’s a case of Africa vs. the West.

As an African who was subjected to FGM, now living in the West, allow me to help bridge that gap by explaining what we’re really talking about beneath the weasel words ‘genital cutting’.

There are five types of female genital mutilation performed on girls from as young as five years of age. Four of them are unarguably mutilation, and the other is designed to symbolize mutilation. I will start with the mildest.

  1. The ‘nick’: The girl is held down, her legs pushed apart and a needle is used to prick her clitoris. The incision is similar to a finger prick test for diabetes, blood comes out and the girl is considered ‘cleansed’. Often there is a ritual with a little party to celebrate the procedure.
  2. ‘Female circumcision’:The second method in terms of severity is often compared to male circumcision. The hood of the clitoris is cut off, in some cases the tip of the clitoris is cut off, known as clitoridectomy. In this form, an otherwise normally functioning body part is sliced off and thrown out. Disfiguring a little girl’s genitals in this way cannot rationally be considered anything but mutilation.
  3. Intermediate infibulation:In the third form of FGM, as much of the clitoris as possible is dug out and removed. The inner labia are cut off and the outer labia are sewn together leaving two small holes for urination and menstruation. In places where this is done without ‘medical intervention’ girls have been known to bleed to death. After infibulation is done it is imperceptible what has taken place when the girl stands up with her legs together, but in the obstetrician’s position it is clearly visible that parts of her genitals have been removed and sewn up. Sadly, we are only just past half way and female genital mutilation gets worse. No doubt setting out these practices in detail is disturbing but it is crucial that we speak openly about what is taking place rather than shroud it in euphemism so as not to cause offense.
  4. Total infibulation:In the fourth type of FGM the clitoris and inner labia are cut off and the outer labia are cut or scraped off too, then sewn up. When the girl stands, even with her legs closed, her genitals clearly look different.
  5.  Vaginal fusing:In the fifth type of FGM, which is rarely discussed, all of the fourth type is done and then the inner walls of the vagina are scratched to cause bleeding and the sewing is again done. The girl’s feet are tied together in an effort to fuse the two sides of the vagina with scar tissue to close it up. Children can die undergoing this.

It is hard for people outside of communities practicing FGM to understand what is taking place. One example that has stayed with me over the years was a woman in the Netherlands that I translated for. I accompanied her to visit an obstetrician as she was having great difficulty with urination and menstruation. She showed the doctor her genitals after being subjected to the fifth and most severe type of FGM with her genitals completely removed. The stunned doctor asked if she had been burned. He could not believe that what had been done to her was deliberate, he assumed it must have been a horrific accident. But, it was no accident.

It’s for women like her that I started the AHA Foundation as a resource to help women and girls who are truly bridging the gap between worlds and cultures. They are living in the United States under the protection of our laws and Constitution but suffering human rights abuses imported from overseas.

The aim of FGM in all its forms is to control female sexuality. The clitoris is removed to take physical pleasure from sex and reduce the libido. In its more severe forms, involving sewing the genitals up, the aim is to ensure the girl is a virgin on her wedding night. Many women must be surgically re-opened (or simply with a pen knife or razor blade) in order to consummate their marriage.  The consequences of FGM are ongoing psychological and physical harms from infections to fistulas and even death.

Even in its most mild form, the ‘nick’ procedure involves a young girl being held down by her loved ones and a needle poked into one of her most sensitive body parts. The moment this is done the child becomes sexually aware, she can now be a temptation to men, she can destroy her family’s so-called ‘honor’ and must now behave in certain ways around boys to demonstrate her modesty.

The debate around nicking, which had been previously settled, was revived again last year by an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics. The authors argued that nicking the vulva or cutting out the hood of the clitoris (FGM forms 1 and 2 above) are less harmful and should be tolerated by liberal societies. These practices, they suggest, are ethically acceptable and not contraventions of girls’ human rights.

Indeed, like the New York Times, these academics argue that referring to modest forms of FGM ‘mutilation’ is culturally insensitive and demonizes ‘important cultural practices’. Yet the meaning of those ‘important cultural practices’ is not examined beneath their ‘ethical lens’. Notoriously academics and politically correct apologists like them assume any claim of ‘culture’ is by rights a good thing and trumps other considerations.

Seeing as they are so reluctant to critique cultural practices, other than those of ‘powerful, white men,’ I will do it for them. The ‘nick’ symbolizes and communicates to little girls that their natural state is unclean and that pain must be inflicted on their genitals to make them acceptable to their communities.

Will the two Muslim doctors due to be tried in Michigan for performing FGM procedures be given a severe enough sentence to deter others from ever doing it in the United States?

Or will “cultural sensitivity”, respect for religion, and above all fear of being labeled racist and “Islamophobic”, keep jury and judge from condemning them at all?

We wait to see.

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  • Cogito

    As a friend wrote to me, when will we wake up to the fact that feminism is the betrayal of women, not the protector

  • michael mccauley

    Isnt this a central African problem? Christian countries in Central Africa do this as do Central African Islamic countries. This doesn’t happen in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, etc. There are Hasidic Jewish doctors in New York that using their mouths to circumcise young boys and this is leading to a surge in infants contracting genital herpes. Why does this always get pegged on just Islam? It just seems like irresponsible journalism. This just seems like a cheap piece trying to create an echo chamber where people can continue to write off all liberals, feminists, etc. because the New York Times didn’t say “mutilation”.

    I’m a liberal atheist and I have no problem saying that this kind of behavior is criminal and disgusting. But ignoring that Christians do this or that Jewish doctors are ruining the lives of babies for their “religious freedom” reveals the bias of those reporting. This should be referred to as genital mutilation AND it should be reported on more honestly. However, failing to exclude that this is a more regional problem and not primarily an Islamic problem indicates you might be pushing an agenda, rather than sharing accurate information.

    This doesn’t seem like you’re trying to educate people or promote change. It just feels like you’re trying to rally people together for a few minutes of hate. Tucker Carlson should have been the tip off that this isn’t a site to inform people. This is a echo chamber exists to reaffirm political bias/division/self-righteousness.


    • Cogito

      You have a point here. Perhaps we should consider banning all circumcision – male and female. It is certainly mutilation to please god.

      • As circumcision of males is often done for sound medical reasons, it cannot be banned,

        • Cogito

          You are right Jillian to a point.

          We often do mutilating procedures for medical reasons – mastectomies, amputations, circumcisions to name a few.

          Perhaps, I should have said that we ought to ban circumcision on healthy males until age of consent.

    • liz

      Oh, and “mother jones” ISN’T “an echo chamber that exists to reaffirm political bias”? Or the NYT? As you apparently failed to notice, this post itself points out that FGM is not just a Muslim problem.
      But like so many liberals, it appears you’d rather accept leftist bias as ‘fact’ and reject fact as ‘right wing’ bias. In other words, a useful idiot.

    • Read it again. We SAY other religions do it too. We give links to sites that list the countries and religions that do it.

      Don’t wag your rebuking finger at us. More Muslim girls get their genitals mutilated than girls of any other religion. The case in the US against the doctors involves only Muslim girls.

      All religions are vile. But Islam is by far the worst. And that needs to be said every day in every possible way.

    • ncgh

      All religions pose problems, but some are far worse than others (though the details vary often with time and place). But MJ does the typical liberal handwaving when one of their pet groups is caught doing something evil, by resorting to false equality.

      When there’s another terrorist attack, usually it’s not Presbyterians that comes first to mind. Even the late preacher Phelps who was ostracized by most every Christian denomination didn’t come close to esposing the kind of thing that mainstream Imams are preaching.. yet the left continues to ignore this.

      The ‘Handmaids Tale’ may have been written with a hypothetical Christian group in mind, but it’s far closer to what large numbers of Muslims are actually advocating.

      • Right. Thanks for that, ncgh.

        False equality is right. It is no defense for a monstrous crime or culturally hallowed atrocity to say that others do it too.

  • liz

    Here’s a perfect example of how traditional respect for religion muddies the issues and impedes the civilized world in the fight against the invasion of barbarism: We have tolerated male circumcision for centuries, and even adopted it and approved of the supposed health benefits of it, simply because of its biblical origins. This paved the way for our acceptance of the female version of it – “we must respect the religious rituals of others even if they are slightly different from our own” or risk being accused of bigotry and intolerance.
    When, if we were honest, we’d admit that ALL of these practices originated in primitive, backwards, barbaric times, and have no more place in civilized society now than head hunting or cannibalism.

  • Athrin

    And not a peep from “feminists” but god forbid you wear a shirt given to you by a female friend that has cartoon scadaly clad women on it, you will get the “feminists” fury and lose your job….better you wife/daughter get cancer than feminism…leftist is THE MOST severe mental disorder.