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Our post of April 24, 2017, titled Civilization’s fulcrum moment (May 2, 2017) by Jillian Becker, was featured also in the online magazine The Participator, edited by our British associate Chauncey Tinker.

A commenter on that site, Steve60, wrote the following, with the main point of which – that Islam’s conquest of Europe will mean its total victory, because it will be followed by the conquest of the world – we entirely agree.

I have said something similar for a while, but called it an axial moment of world history. For in fact it’s even more serious than the author above depicts – if Islam wins in Europe, in the same century that it attains to nuclear weapons, then not only will the most precious gem of world culture be lost, but Islam will be in a position to dominate the world, the balance will have been shifted irrevocably in its favor. Africa will be the next to go, with Israel and Russia, then India and Australasia, leaving only (north) East Asia and the Americas, which will themselves be already far along the path by then. Europe falling to Islam will be the fatal defeat in the 1400 year struggle of civilizations, and the effective end of Western civilization, which is meaningless and impotent without Europe. And it is very close – many key cities are now approaching Muslim majorities in younger age cohorts especially, spreading before long to entire national demographic segments. We are already in an emergency stage – yet too many are still asleep.

The order in which the countries, powers and continents will fall after Europe cannot be predicted with certainty. But unless Islam is stopped now, while the West still has the political, military, technological and economic advantage of the enemy, “the fatal defeat in the 1400 year struggle of civilizations, and the effective end of Western civilization, which is meaningless and impotent without Europe” is certain. (Only we prefer to call this struggle one of civilization against barbarism rather than of two civilizations.)

France has nuclear weapons. It is to be expected that when it has an Islamic government, the scenario Steve60 outlines will begin.

Is it too much of an exaggeration to say that in two days from now – when France chooses a leader who will move to stop Islam’s advance in Europe or one who will accelerate it – the fate of the human race for a long time to come will be decided?

If Islam wins this war, the result will be the death of civilized humanity.

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  • Stev60

    Well now we have our answer to the leadership question – Merkron has won, if by a suspiciously large margin. A bad omen for the future of France, already on the brink of slipping into scarcely-reversible Islamization, with Germany in hot competition thanks to Meurkil, and various other European nations not far behind. As for nuclear weapons, we can be sure that Islamic Europe will tool up rather more widely, with aid not only from France but also the likes of Pakistan and even Turkey or Saudi Arabia by then. We are facing a true Doomsday scenario, with a double basis: Islamization of Europe, and nuclearization of (also other) Islamic nations. Neither should have been allowed to get anywhere near as far as they have, and if it is not stopped and rolled back within the next few years, there will likely be no stopping it, ever. And once expanded Islam has nukes, it will merely need its Hitler to use them, either in blackmail or anger. And he will come, he will come.

    • liz

      Right. There is no shortage of Hitlers in the Islamofascist world.

  • John L. Work shares his thoughts about the predicament of France’s riot policemen:

    War In Paris: Who’s In Control? Not The Cops

    ‘It’s Macron v Macron’ Would-be PM Dupont-Aignan accuses media of anti-Le Pen bias

    No kidding. The MSM is predictably at full tilt promoting Macron.

    • The French police officer’s testimony – the first link you give us – is entirely credible and chilling. UNLESS Le Pen comes in, France is heading for anarchy.

      The second is also chilling. The French media – like the US media – want a socialist world and will lie and lie to help the globalists get it. They lie about Macron, call him “moderate” – their cover-up word for “socialist” – and conceal the fact that he will continue Hollande’s very unpopular policies. They lie about Le Pen, call her “far right” to imply she is a fascist. They are probably lying about the polls too, giving Macron the edge. Let’s hope the reality is different. May Le Pen win tomorrow!

      • Zerothruster

        This sounds like a ring of hope for Le Pen….
        Won’t the French people know that Macron is a crypto-socialist, as an ex-member of Hollande’s party?

        • They do know and there is a lot of discontent about Macron apparently. But the MSM are still heavily dominant and using the tactics they always do use – saturation and suppression. Saturation – of the Macron is different message, and suppression of alternative views. As I think it was Goebbels put it:

          “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it”

          • liz

            Right – just like all Americans should have been informed enough to know that Obama was a “stealth” candidate of the radical Left, but were too lazy to find out for themselves what the MSM refused to inform them of.

  • liz

    Yes, so of course Guess Who – our great historical first black president, is meddling in that election to make SURE Islam wins. The POS.

    • Bruce

      Everything that Obama touches seems to turn to crap, so let’s hope that trend continues and he’s the kiss of death for Moron’s campaign.

  • Cogito

    I utterly agree with the sentiments in this article. I believe Le Pen is Europe’s last chance to stem the tide of Islamic conquest.
    However, it may be true that the West’s suicidal abandonment of its cultural, intellectual, and political heritage is beyond the point of no return.
    I hope I am wrong.