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The climate of our planet is forever changing. Nothing new about that. What is new – what has happened over the last few decades – is the attempt by authoritarian busybodies at the UN and in governments and organizations all over the West to make us pay to stop the climate changing. Which, of course, is an impossibility. But that does not deter them from trying to extort money from us.

From an editorial at Investor’s Business Daily:

Climate Deceit: Just when you think the climate change lunacy couldn’t get any worse, the U.N.’s climate-crats up the ante. Meeting in Bonn, Germany, for yet another unneeded climate conference, attendees are now demanding $300 billion a year more to help less-developed nations cope with anticipated climatic warming. Are they kidding?

By the way, that $300 billion is in addition to the $100 billion that the world’s governments have already promised to deliver under the Paris Climate Agreement. So now they’re asking for a total of $400 billion a year in climate welfare for the developing world. No sane government would sign on to such a scam. Which of course means that most of them probably will.

There’s really no end to this insanity. To make it worse, the proposal before the Bonn climate talks calls for the added taxpayer-funded cash to be doled out not by the governments themselves, or even the UN. No, the money will be channeled through existing nongovernmental organizations, or NGOs.

In other words, left-wing green groups around the world will become the conduits for billions of dollars in money handed out to ethically challenged, nondemocratic governments. Think there might be a tiny temptation for corruption there?

As one green group leader put it, NGOs, not the UN, need to dole out all this money because “It’s so tedious to set up an institution and get it going, and make sure the money reaches the intended people.”

Such a scheme will no doubt lead to massive looting and fraud by green groups, which will suddenly hire massive new staffs to handle their new duties, and pay for it all through enormous “handling fees”, “service charges”, and other nontransparent charges paid for by American taxpayers. Basically, it’s a financial model designed to create global fraud.

All of this is based, mind you, on the purely hypothetical future threat that global warming supposedly poses to low-income nations.

“What stands out most clearly is that there isn’t currently enough funding to even begin thinking about financing loss and damage, with available climate, development, risk reduction and disaster recovery financing all falling short by an order of magnitude,” said a statement by “researchers” at Berlin’s Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Of course, apart from its inherent fraudulence, this is all ridiculously wasteful of scarce resources, in particular, the developed world’s financial capital.

Why wasteful? Well, let’s start with the most obvious and most important point of all: For 19 years, there has been no significant warming in the atmosphere. None. Atmospheric temperature readings — the most comprehensive and accurate temperature data available — taken by satellite show this clearly.

But what about all those highly complex mathematical climate models that show, given the rising amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, that future temperatures will soar — requiring the spending of that $400 billion a year just so poor nations can survive the rising temperatures?

In point of fact, the climate models used by the UN to “predict” the future are all but useless. The UN has in the past used more than 70 climate models as the basis of its predictions that the climate will get much warmer in the future. The only problem is, none of those models can accurately predict [sic: we suggest “depict” – ed] past climate, much less the future.

As the U.N. itself admirably admitted back in 2007: “In climate research and modeling, we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled nonlinear chaotic system, and therefore that the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.”

And yet, we’re supposed to be laying out not just hundreds of billions, but trillions of dollars every year to prepare for the possibility of global warming and …  forestall it.

Indeed, we already spend some $1.5 trillion globally on mitigating global warming, according to Climate Change Business Journal. Put in perspective, that’s roughly equivalent to all online retail sales globally.

And yet, as climate skeptic and statistician Bjørn Lomborg has noted, even if you take the models seriously and if every nation on earth lived up to its commitments to slash output of CO2 and all other greenhouse gases by 2030, the net reduction in predicted temperature would be just 0.048 degrees Celsius — about 1/20th of a degree. That is a rounding error. Nothing, really.

Despite all this, the UN and its enviro-socialist allies would have all of the world’s developed economies march lockstep off the cliff of global warming, if they could. They’ve even suggested making climate-change denial a crime. That’s extremism of the worst sort, and intolerable for a free nation to support.

We have suggested before, and we will repeat now, what the only rational response to such financial and scientific lunacy should be: to cease all cooperation with the UN on its global warming schemes — which amount to little more than a massive effort to redistribute wealth from rich nations to poor nations, and to put all free people directly under the controlling thumbs of global bureaucrats.

That means we should pull out of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, which President Trump promised to do as a candidate, but has yet to do as president. It’s a costly fraud perpetrated on the America people by morally preening global socialists.

The UN must be destroyed!

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  • liz

    Yes, Trump better not cave on this Climate agreement. But he’s got Tillerson, dear daughter, and no telling who else pushing him to sign it, I’m sure.

    • Bruce

      Maybe he’ll start doing what the Chinese do: sign stuff then don’t do diddly squat. But that’ll only last till we get another Dem in power.

      • The Dems will have some mighty changes to make before they’ll be electable, I’m happy to say. At present they’re offering Communism and I don’t think America wants it. Even Californians seem to be balking at it. Also open borders and more Islam are not proving to be great vote catchers.

        • liz

          Yes, communism is “cool” until you start actually experiencing the consequences of it. Problem is, by then its usually too late.
          I noticed California voted to make communists eligible for election.
          New York already has communist De Blasio.
          We did get Trump after 8 years of commie Obama, but of course we’re basically having a civil war with the “Deep State” as a consequence.
          And now Trump is making an arms deal with the Saudis?

          • I should have said “Even SOME Californians are balking” at bringing communists into their government.

            Today I posted a full article on this titled “California: communist kingdom of heaven?”

  • Jer

    Get US out of the UN! It doesn’t take much of a life experience to detect a scam artist, and the UN are taking us (the American taxpayer) to the cleaners. It’s insulting that these little, tinpot dictators should be playing on our national generosity (and guilt). And it’s doubly insulting that we have such a large population of gullible doo-gooders who are ready to pledge other people’s money to these economy-killing scams.