The Muslim month of killing 6

This video was published on May 26, 2017, at the start of Ramadan, the Muslim “month of fasting”.

Whether those who observe it fast or feast – David Wood says they feast – doesn’t matter to us. The figures he gives do matter. They show that Ramadan is a month of intensified killing by devout Muslims.

David Wood, it needs to be noted, is a Christian. Obviously, we do not agree with him when he defends Christianity in others of his YouTube videos. But he is reliably knowledgeable about Islam and the Koran.

We’ll post the final tally of Ramadan deaths at the end of the “holy” month.

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  • Speaking of which reports are coming in of yet another attack:

    • Yes. Time for the people to rise in fury. To march on Parliament in your hundreds of thousands and physically throw them all out, whatever party they belong to. March on Downing Street and throw the stupid Prime Minister woman out. March on Buckingham Palace and demand that the Queen denounce the immigration policies that let the enemy in. Where is Tommy Robinson? Ask him to lead you!

  • liz

    Sounds to me like Ramadan would be the perfect time to annihilate them, while they sleep off their “fast”- (ha)- feast, and before they get around to doing their “good deed” of murdering us ‘infidels’.
    They take the saying “too heavenly minded to be any earthly good” to new levels. They’re so holy, this world really isn’t the place for them.
    Send them home to Allah.

    • Yes! It is time to rise and act. I love your spirit. I have never regretted my age until now. I want to mount barricades, while finding it hard just to walk. Please, liz, tell me what you think of my advice to Chauncey under “What’s Left and what’s Right”, and under the article he links us to.

      • liz

        I think it’s great advice, Jillian!
        We’ve spent decades, and especially the last eight years (Britain longer) just holding on against the onslaught of the Leftist’s agenda.
        Now, while we have a window of opportunity with patriotic leaders like Trump in power, is the time to take action and push back.
        I’m no expert in these matters – but it seems to me that lawsuits may also be an effective route to pursue (and there are some already).
        The Left was suing the government the entire time Obama was in office, on ‘environmental’ and ‘endangered species’ issues, etc, and usually got their way. Maybe we could turn it around on them and win back some of the legal ground we lost. Seems like it might be more of a threat.
        What do you think?
        Something like, “The People versus Obama”, “… the IRS”, “…the VA”, “…the NSA”, “… Public Schools”, “… the Lying Media”, etc, etc…?

        • Thank you! I appreciate your agreement. And yes, using the law in that persistent way would be a terrifically good policy – in America. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be possible in Britain. At least not until Brexit is fully accomplished. (EU law is primarily if not exclusively concerned with “human rights”, which in practice always turn out to be the “rights” of Muslim immigrants.) I think that here Judicial Watch is doing a very good job along those lines. And much more could be done.