Righteous fury 5

Vox populi? If only it were! This is not demagoguery, it is righteous fury.

Tommy Robinson expresses his anger with lots of cuss-words. But the important thing is he expresses the anger that all the people of Britain ought to be feeling after yet another terrorist attack by Muslims in London yesterday, June 3, 2017.

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  • Les_uk

    Headline in todays The Times: “Hate preacher Abu Haleema flees after far-right fanatic Tommy Robinson finds him”.
    He “…fled his home because his address had been discovered by a far-right activist”.
    Abu Haleema’s passport has been confiscated – this is ridiculous; it should be returned with a one way ticket to Syria, then canceled.
    “Robinson told The Times that he had been banned from Twitter for a week for breaking it’s rules by exposing the Islamist’s whereabouts”.

    • Thanks, Les_uk, for telling us this. Tommy Robinson is now the effective leader of the resistance to the Islamization of Britain.

  • Zerothruster

    Bravo, man!
    I love his cockney, too: dropping some Ts and turning LLs into Ws, etc.
    Henry Higgins would try to cure this guy. Good luck with that, professor!
    My Fair Laity.

  • I’d buy Mr. Robinson a pint in a moment. I hope the British people will listen to him.

  • liz

    Hear, hear! Well said. And absolutely right.