Against our enemy Islam 4

Caolan Robertson speaks for hundreds of millions of us in the Western world AGAINST OUR ENEMY – ISLAM:

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  • Zerothruster

    At some point, we have to stop blaming the scorpion for being a scorpion, and shift our focus to the factors enabling the scorpions’ proliferation and trail of mayhem.

    There are more than two cultures involved here. On one hand, we have the scorpion; on the other, the self-consciously and self-righteously #Educated#Enlightened#Tolerant — smug and snarky defenders of The Faith (often employed in the public or nonprofit sectors). Then there’s the rest of us.

    • I agree. The Left is wholly to blame for all the mass horrors that have afflicted the world for the last hundred years. The Left is responsible for opening the gates of the West to Islam. What have we got to fight back with? The American Constitution. President Trump’s leadership. Guns in private ownership. Rational and moral argument – all on our side. With what we’ve got we must fight back. This is a time of crisis.

      • liz

        Yes, Obama dug the hole we’re in, and Hillary would have buried us in it. We’re so fortunate to have Trump now to pull us back out of it.
        (Even though the Left is still shoveling as hard as they can to bury us before we make it out, with non-stop “fake news” B.S. propaganda.)

  • liz

    The cowering appeasement of Western governments – who jump to warn against “backlash” before the blood is even dry – only increases the inevitability of an uncontrollable backlash, as in “civil war”.
    It is already a war – declared by Muslims; undeclared, unacknowledged, and ignored by our own governments. They not only created the problem to begin with by importing our enemies onto our own soil, they are now twisting the knife in our backs by telling us to get used to it.