Cometh the hour, cometh the man? 6

Theresa May, Prime Minister of Britain by some facetious quirk of fate, stupidly called a very early general election, and lost the support of millions of voters. Her wild action resuscitated the Labour Party, which was almost defunct under the leadership of the Member for Hamas, Jeremy Corbyn.

She must form a government to keep Britain from prematurely becoming the Islamic land it is destined to be. She can only do so now by entering into a coalition with a smaller party.

Then she needs to be replaced. By a man, we hope. There are far too many women – of both biological sexes – in European governments. (Margaret Thatcher was one of the very rare exceptions among biological women who could think politically like a man.  She was often and rightly called “the best man in the Conservative Party”.)

(We also except the two women on the four-member editorial board of The Atheist Conservative.)

Which brings us back to our deliberately provocative statement, made from time to time on these pages, that “the human race consists of adults and women”.

What Britain needs is a true conservative, an adult in the patriarchal tradition. He should also be fiercely anti-Islam. (But would a militantly anti-Islam politician be allowed to live?)

Raheem Kassam writes at Breitbart:

There may be a silver lining for small-c conservative voters following the shock results of the UK General Election. The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) — whom the Conservatives will seek a coalition government with — is far closer to conservative philosophy than Britain’s Tories have been for decades.

Formed in 1971 by Dr. Rev. Ian Paisley, now deceased, the party grew out of the Protestant Unionist Party.

Built upon the resistance to Irish Republican terrorism and a pro-UK, unionist mindset, the DUP also represents staunchly social conservative values.

Well, on the plus side for small-c conservatives, the DUP may remind the Tories what they are supposed to believe, philosophically.

The DUP forms the largest bloc in the Northern Ireland Assembly and has a far stronger socially conservative record on matters such as same sex marriage and access to abortion.

So to us the DUP is not the ideal modifying force on the British Tories. We ourselves have nothing against same-sex marriage, and though we are against abortion in general we know there are times when it is a necessary recourse.

We also regret that the leader of the DUP is yet another woman. But many of their policies are sound:

Now led by mother of three Arlene Foster, the DUP were staunchly pro-Brexit at the UK referendum on membership of the European Union, with some of their activists and leaders joining UKIP leader Nigel Farage on his Brexit tour ahead of the vote.

During the referendum, the DUP allied with the Leave.EU and Grassroots Out campaigns, and their manifesto states:

The DUP sees no value in the attempts by some to keep re-running the referendum. Instead, we want to get on with the work to make it a success; to write our own laws; to deliver on the vision of a Global UK with new free trade deals; to control immigration; to deliver policies for farming and fishing shaped to our needs; to lift the burden of unnecessary regulation.

… The party’s MPs hold an array of views on climate change, though many believe the DUP to be “climate change sceptics”.

The former finance minister Sammy Wilson has said: “…we are already paying through the nose for electricity because we go down the route of the dearest electricity possible through renewable energy” and are “putting our agricultural industry in jeopardy because there is no greater producer of greenhouse gases than cows”.

He has referred to climate change legislation as a “con”.

So of course the Left hates them:

Hard leftist groups like OpenDemocracy have already begun sharing articles packed with fake news about the DUP.

The Soros-funded group, which claims to represent “independent” media, claims the DUP had some sort of definitive links to a post-“fascist turn” Enoch Powell, the former Conservative Member of Parliament who warned over mass migration into the United Kingdom.

Such a “fascist turn” is a myth in itself, and Powell’s only link to the DUP was via his campaign manager who was in a different party at the time. …

The Soros site refers to the DUP as “Irish terrorists”, though the campaign of terrorism was waged by the DUP’s opponents, with the Ulster Resistance usually being referred to as a paramilitary group. The IRA, which targeted civilians, infrastructure, the British Army, and British unionists, are commonly regarded as the most influential terrorist outfit, and believed to be linked to DUP opponents Sinn Fein. The IRA killed around 1,700 people during the Troubles.

The Resistance was never implicated in a major incident that took place, with most civilian deaths attributable to the IRA — perhaps the only group alongside its political partners who would refer to the Ulster Resistance as “terrorists”. …

The DUP has said: “The party’s stance is consistent, that anyone involved in illegal activity should be investigated and face the full weight of the law.”

Sources close to the DUP have suggested to Breitbart London that “all they’ll want is cash”, but between Arlene Foster’s need to form a new executive in Northern Ireland, and the socially conservative views of its members, the DUP will likely be thinking carefully about what they can get the Conservative Party to compromise upon from the centre-left manifesto issued by Theresa May.

A “centre-left” conservative party! If the DUP can make it genuinely conservative, and further enrage George Soros the earthly Satan – then this election has not been a disaster after all but the means to better government and more victories over the evil Left.

But under new, male leadership, we hope.

  • There is a bit of tension in the coalition – the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson (who is gay) says that LGBTI rights (not sure what the I stands for) are more important to her than the Conservative party. This is a bit at odds with the DUP who do not support gay marriage. Not sure if this will be really problematic or not:

    • Thanks again, Chauncey.

      This fuss is very annoying.

      And it’s issuing from yet another woman!

      Oh for a return of the patriarchy!

  • liz

    Yes, it takes a man, and not just any man. Compare, for example, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. Not to mention Obama, one of those “women of both biological sexes” you mention.
    And will someone please do something about Soros? His evil scheming never ends. He’s like a cockroach infestation that you can’t get rid of, multiplying in every dark corner with his minions.

  • This article in the Express today suggested though that the DUP were calling for free movement as a priority.

    “We therefore need to retain as far as possible the ease with which we
    currently trade with EU member states, and, also importantly retain
    access to labour.

    Northern Ireland only have a tiny Muslim population today compared to England, so its not so surprising they are not yet alive to the growing danger that free movement poses to our way of life.

    We had a lively debate at our forum today. Quite a few people are suspecting an “establishment stitch-up” – a deliberate attempt to put the spanner in the Brexit works. However I’m not one of them, I think May really expected to easily win a bigger majority and be in govt. for a longer period (her first priority, always – more power for her).

    Understanding how so many people actually voted for Corbyn is something of a mystery to me (especially coming so soon after the Brexit victory). However the Tories apparently actually won quite a lot more votes than at the 2015 election, but this did not translate into seats/MPs. There was a lack of strategic planning at Tory HQ in my opinion, that is sufficient explanation in my mind. More importantly May just doesn’t have any charisma, she is transparently a shallow career politician, and Corbyn appears to many as genuine, warm-hearted and “caring”.

    The question on a lot of people’s minds in our debate was – can/should May be replaced? She doesn’t seem to wish to go, so she will have to be pushed. I thought I detected a lot of frowns behind the smiles among Conservatives today. May has blundered in a spectacular fashion. The biggest problem in my mind is ALL the top Tory candidates are pro-immigration, May is the only one who has even spoken out against it.

    I’m afraid I’m really struggling to see any silver lining in this situation. Worst of all, Corbyn may actually gain more support as May appears to flounder following her lost majority. Not a good day.

    • liz

      Pretty discouraging. Where’s a Churchill or a Thatcher when you need them? I nominate Pat Condell!

    • Very depressing. But thanks so much, Chauncey. Didn’t know the DUP was going to make that sort of difficulty.