Revenge 8

Terrorism begets terrorism.

Muslims have driven vehicles into crowds in France and Britain. Lethal acts of terrorism in pursuit of Islam’s perpetual jihad.

Last night (June 19, 2017), in Finsbury Park, London, a man named Darren Osborne deliberately drove a van into a crowd of Muslims coming out of a mosque, killing one and injuring eight.

Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project comments:

Sweet reason.

But this is bound to happen when governments, with their monopoly of legal force, refuse to act against the jihad that is being waged against their citizens. Some people will become exasperated and seek revenge.

The governments of western Europe punish those who speak out against Islam, not the supremacist movement of Islam itself.  How long can such a policy be maintained without provoking a rebellion against it?

The pusillanimous prime minister of Britain, Theresa May, who can be relied upon to say something vapid and ill thought-out, duly enunciated:

 “Hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed.”

Succeed at what?

She and her predecessors, going back decades (yes, even including the great Margaret Thatcher) are guilty of bringing Muslims in vast numbers into Britain. Like the other governments of western Europe, they opened wide the gates to admit the sworn enemy of the West without consulting the people who voted them into power.  And they continue to lie about the danger.

The knee-jerk reaction of the authorities and the media to anything said or done against Muslims is to label it “far right”. 

Duly the Security Minister, Ben Wallace, squawked:

What I can say on this case is this individual, so far as we know at the moment, was not known to us, but we are aware of a rise in the far right.”

They do not learn.

This will not be the end of the cruel killing and maiming. It has only just begun.

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  • Bruce

    Hmph. He shouldn’t have driven a van into a bunch of random Muslims coming out of a mosque. He should have driven a van into a random collection of leftwinger politicians who support the islamist invasion. When their own rears are in the crosshairs, then they might think twice about betraying their own citizens, due to the reaction it now engenders towards them.

  • Meanwhile a very similar incident goes under-reported, you can guess why:

    The UK media are whipping up a frenzy of antagonism directed at – Islamophobia – the fear of Islam:

    • Yes. Theresa Mao is determined to stamp out Islamophobia, the great threat. The BBC will press for the severest penalties the law allows. And another ordinary Englishman will mow down a few Muslims coming out of a mosque.

    • liz

      If the percentage of attacks by Westerners on Muslims was even half of the percentage done by Muslims on Westerners, Western leaders would be declaring martial law to crack down on the out of control “Islamophobia”.
      Even at this small percentage, it is immediately blamed on the inherent racism and bigotry of all white people. Of course the same accusation is never aimed at Muslims, who attack us daily. What a double standard.

  • A long expected event, may be the first of its kind? NOT on the BBC’s front page:

    “Calais van driver dead in migrant roadblock crash”

    • Amazing that it hasn’t happened often before.

      Thanks for all the links, Chauncey.

  • Athrin

    just too bad he only killed one…..

  • liz

    The best way to “eliminate the gray area” of Muslims who are not totally loyal to either Islam or the West is to eliminate their presence in the West altogether. They should never have been allowed entry to begin with.
    If they are a tool of ISIS, get rid of them and deprive ISIS of the tool.
    Muslims who support sharia will never be happy in, or appreciative of, the West. The supremacist, genocidal ideology embedded in the Koran will always foment discontent and resentment among them, making them prime candidates for terrorist recruitment.
    What the “multiculturalists” are trying to do is speed up the ‘evolution’ of Muslims from the 7th century into the 21st, which is as impossible, and misguided, as trying to force the evolution of apes into humans.