Real crime, real corruption 1

And no indictment?

Julian Assange of Wikileaks talks to the notorious John Pilger, who is unimportant in this clip and doesn’t say much.

Assange accuses Hillary Clinton of criminal corruption, referringĀ to one of her emails in his possession which, he says, is “the most significant email in the whole collection”.

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  • liz

    It seems quite indisputable that the Clintons were “influence peddling” through their foundation while Hillary held a government office. We also have proof they paid people to incite violence at Trump rallies, and rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders. The murder of Seth Rich also fits their M.O.
    If there was this much evidence of corruption surrounding Trump, the Media would have already destroyed him in a shark feeding frenzy.
    They’re attempting to do it anyway, of course, despite the total lack of proof, which just makes them look more ridiculous by the hour.