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The Strange Death of Europe is the title of a new book by Douglas Murray. In this video he defends the opinions he expresses in it. He shows how massive immigration of Third World peoples (mainly Muslim) with cultures entirely different from the culture of the West, and incompatible with the values of the West, is killing Europe.

Is the remedy he advocates – “Slow it down” – sufficient to save Europe?

We do not think so. Much as we generally admire Douglas Murray, and appreciate his description of the problem, we cannot see how killing Europe slowly makes its death any easier to contemplate, anything less than the most appalling of all the tragedies of history.


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  • Identitarians acquire a ship to monitor the people smuggling in the Med:

    • Thanks, Chauncey, but I fear they will do no good. Doctors Without Borders get it wrong over and over again. Of course many of the people involved really do mean to do good. But they are dupes. Have you seen the film “The Last King of Scotland”? If not, see it if you can. Nothing could illustrate better what I mean.

      • I have seen that film indeed, a terrifying story. However I don’t quite see the parallel with this project?

        Thinking about it some more though I do see a potential big problem. If they encounter a boat that has capsized or sunk there could potentially be quite enough migrants to overwhelm them. Those migrants might not be too happy when they realize they are being returned to Libya. It would make more sense to me if they were just there to monitor and report on the situation, which they plan to do as well (that was the aspect that most interested me). Maybe they’ve thought all this through though, they do seem quite intelligent people.

        • Right. One ship. Well-meaning people. Hundreds of thousands of desperate would-be emigrants who have scraped together what are for them enormous sums of money and paid it to villains to get them to Europe. No instruction in all their lives in moral restraint. (Most of these people are not even literate.) Returned to Libya? No good can come of this.

          • Indeed this could go very badly for them. As you said before this can only be stopped with force.

        • The good doctor in that film learns what Africa really is in a very brutal way.

          • Did you see my latest post on S. Africa btw? I was a bit out of my depth just trying to make sense of the various reports:


            • Chauncey – I have sent a link to your article to a friend in South Africa who is very well-informed and shares our political views in general. I have asked him if the report is accurate, and to tell us his thoughts about the subject. I’ll report his answer here when I get it.

            • That’s great, thanks Jillian.

            • I have had an answer form my South African friend. He writes:

              “The ANC, in order to distract public attention from the plundering state capture of South Africa by the Zuma-funding Gupta family, commissioned a corrupt British agency, Bell Pottinger, to create an anti-white slogan to assist the government’s cause.The company, which has now apologized and dismissed one of its executives (so I hear), came up with the tag, “white corporate capitalism”. Suddenly, it was on all radical lips, hissed by rioting students, trotted out by ANC fat cats, and, many believe, inciting farm murders. The poison spread: in one protest outside the Gupta house in Saxonwold, a demonstrator carried a poster denouncing “the Ruperts”.Talk about misunderstanding on a massive scale! My fear centres on the way in which mass feelings of this nature can be whipped up in South Africa. I am a freedom-of-speech absolutist, so I will never endorse banning or censorship, but I do worry about the mindless sloganeering that dominates our politics, and the vicious anti-white rhetoric that prevails. “FUCK whites” is, apparently, an acceptable display of opinion if worn on a T-shirt. The opposite is not. An ex-student of mine was recently jostled by black youths chanting, “Whites must fall”. Zille is discredited for saying anything favourable about colonialism, but the Guptas, who routinely call their black security guards “monkeys”, are exempt from criticism. Such terrible double standards fill me with real fear, for anti-white prejudice is unscrupulously used by a beset ANC.
              Attacks on capitalism are especially terrifying, for I personally think that South Africa will never emerge from its present economic slough unless it embraces proper free enterprise and true capitalism. That means an end to Black Economic Empowerment, , but one dare not speak too openly on that topic.I hope all that does not seem a very circumlocutory way of engaging with the farm-murders issue. They are the worst product of the encouraged anti-white bigotry. It is true that there have been at least THIRTY farm killings since the beginning of this year. That may well be an understated figure. They are especially brutal and vengeful killings, apparently, accompanied by torture and bludgeoning.The ANC, of course, does not ever ponder the racist incitement that results in such horror. I do not, as yet, fear physical violence directed at me personally, but I do fear a collapsed economy’s impact, and the manner in which it can breed revolt, and, when that revolt occurs in a society still blaming whites for all injustice ( 23 years after the surrender of white power!), anti-white hatred will inevitably take a more savage turn. I am very anxious about the future.”

              It all sounds really bad.

            • Thanks for sending me the feedback Jillian, it certainly does nothing to lessen the overall impression of looming problems. The Suidlanders man seemed to be saying his group have specific reason to think a real conflict is imminent. We won’t know the truth of that until it happens I suppose but given the murder rate and incitements from the ANC leadership it would seem wise to prepare for the worst I think.

              Of course the BBC et al is under-reporting the situation (not quite lying by omission about it), no doubt because the situation undermines their narratives:

              Racism is the white man’s disease.
              “Positive” discrimination is a good thing.

  • liz

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve seen this book referenced and wanted to know more about it. I agree that “slowing it down” doesn’t go far enough. Even stopping it, at this point, may not be enough.
    The point is, it should never have been started.