The duet of the supremacists 1

American Muslims who declare themselves to be against “white supremacists” of the “far right” need to answer a question:

In what do they differ from Islam?

They are both supremacist movements.

They both hate homosexuals.

They both hate Jews.

They both look down on Blacks.

They both demote women.

They are both intolerant of opposing opinion.

They both use violence as a first resort.

The only difference between them is in their numbers and consequent seriousness of threat. One counts its members as a billion plus, the other in … tens? One threatens the whole world, the other an occasional individual or small group.

They sing the same song.

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  • liz

    Interesting point! The similarities are striking.
    The Left is also intolerant of opposing opinion, and have taken to hating Jews in solidarity with their latest cause, the Palestinians. And the only gays, blacks, and women they don’t hate are those who serve them as useful tools in promoting “diversity”. If such people happen to be conservative, they get the same treatment as the rest of us – hatred rivaling that of an Islamic supremacist.
    Some specimens of diversity are more equal than others!