A path of agony 5

An ex-Muslim talks about his religion-tormented childhood; his terror of hell; his attempted suicide; his path of agony, to reach at last the relief of atheism.

“The only way to reform Islam is to get rid of Islam.”

Posted under Atheism, Islam by Jillian Becker on Monday, July 17, 2017

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  • liz

    I think he’s right that trying to “reform” Islam is not going to solve the problem – the only solution is to get rid of it completely. Its great to hear it coming from an ex- muslim – no one can accuse him of being ignorant about it, or “islamophobic”. But he and others like him seem to be exceptions to the rule.
    Is it realistic to expect that the vast majority of Muslims, who are so abjectly ignorant and deluded, would ever entertain the notion of rejecting their religion? And even reform – which, as he says , requires ignorance, will probably take a few hundred more years.

  • BobC

    “The only way to reform Islam is to get rid of Islam.”

    This has been obvious to me a long time. At another website I wrote “If moderate Muslims had any sense of decency they would throw their disgusting cult out.”

    Numerous liberal atheists cried like babies. The harassment was intense, never ending, and very stupid. I call these people atheist wimps. I don’t know what’s wrong with them but their disease is incurable.

    • liz

      Its the mental disease of Leftism.

    • Doctor J

      I have always thought that anyone who calls himself a Muslim, but truly wants peace and liberty for all, should abandon Islam and become an apostate. Islam and peace are contradictions.

  • Doctor J

    “The reform movement is a sugar coating for the poison pill of Islam.”