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The short career of Jesus the Magician:

Posted under Humor by Jillian Becker on Friday, July 28, 2017

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  • Rising star of today’s UK comedy circuit, Seamus Milne, makes an impassioned defence of Maduro. This comes in response to a media barrage of ridicule from right-leaning press directed at the Labour party for their previous support:


    Oh boy can this comedian keep a straight face…



    • Thanks for the links, Chauncey.

      Couldn’t get the Express video to work, but found Seamus Milne on YouTube, toadying to Maduro.

  • Befordshire police are amusing us today with their latest campaign:



    The responses are even more amusing however..

    uzalu Retweeted Bedfordshire Police

    I’ve spotted signs of left-wing extremism: The police in my country are attempting to legislate opinions.

    don’t #CrossTheLine into 1984.

    Replying to @KTHopkins @bedspolice

    Could you spot the signs of left wing extremism? Do you know someone who might #CrossTheLine ? Don’t call @bedspolice , they don’t care.

    • Couldn’t open the first link, but I got the story and the point.

      Thanks, Chauncey.

    • liz

      Totalitarian thought police is right! Great responses.

      • This is the police force in Tommy Robinson’s town by the way.

        • liz

          I suppose he’s at the top of their “most wanted” list, too.

  • liz

    Haha! Yes, magicians had it made in those days. Audiences were alot easier to fool! Although there are too many that are still falling for it today.
    I picked up a National Geographic in a waiting room the other day and read about 6 present-day self proclaimed “Messiahs”, some with large followings.
    Go figure.

    • I knew a schizophrenic, but highly articulate, young man who went from Britain to Jerusalem and announced on a street corner that he was “the Messiah”, and within a few minutes he had attracted three followers, three young men who were willing to sleep on the floor in his hotel room to be constantly with him. They clung to him for a few months. Others joined them. He preached his own religion. Then he suddenly left them all and returned home and went in for another form of mysticism. (And attracted another bunch of followers.)

      • liz

        Wow! A great example of how easy it is to convince others of something crazy, as long as you are totally convinced of it yourself. Its quite likely most of these other “Messiahs” have the same psychosis, and I wouldn’t doubt that Jesus (if he existed at all), was a similar case of ‘the batty leading the blind’!