What not to do for the poor 1

Roy Beck shows how Third World poverty is not helped by immigration into the United States.

His solution, let’s help them where they live, sounds nice. But the question remains, “How?”

Aid is counter-productive. It has rightly been called a curse. (That’s a link to a great essay, very well worth reading.)

Teaching capitalism is a better idea. It works. It’s the only system that cures poverty on a large scale.

As Dr. Yaron Brook makes brilliantly clear:

But capitalism is hampered, blocked, maligned, denigrated and anathematized by the ruling Leftist elites of the Western world, and the academies, and the media.

Because – what would Leftists do if there were no poor people to claim as their cause? To provide the excuse for their personal bitterness, envy, and anger?

Well yes, there is always Race. With a bit of luck, we’ll be able to enjoy the spectacle of white politicians, white professors and white journalists deploring “white privilege” for many years to come.

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  • liz

    Great videos! It would be great if other countries would learn and practice capitalism. But as with democracy, are they capable of it?
    The South Koreans were successful in achieving it, but how many more are too bound up by ignorance, backward mentalities, and oppressive, corrupt dictatorships to achieve it? Saudi Arabia has lots of ‘capital’, but they’d rather spend it producing terrorists, building mosques, and exporting their own poisonous culture to the world.
    As Beck demonstrates, bringing them here is not the solution. And in fact these days we aren’t just draining other countries of their achievers, we’re bringing in the underachievers and worse, infecting our own society with worthless, hostile parasites, who have no desire to assimilate.
    Keep them out, and give them temporary aid (it would still be cheaper than bringing them here and supporting them and their descendants forever).
    Let them learn capitalism when they’re ready to. (It’s no big secret – it would be easy enough to learn from our example if they really wanted it.)