Racist Democrats, anti-racist Republicans – always 1

The Democrats were the party of slavery and segregation.

The Republicans were the party of freedom and integration.

The Democrats were and are the racist party.

The Republicans were and are the anti-racist party.

The Democrats’ claim that the two parties switched their positions on race, is a myth.

In this excellent video, Professor Carol Swain explains:

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  • liz

    We’re starting to see more blacks become aware of this, but just as many, it seems, getting sucked further into leftist propaganda. Just as with whites – alot of Trump voters, but alot of anti-Trump idiots, too. Who ironically believe the lie that Trump is a “dangerous fascist”, while oblivious to the royal screwing the entire country was subjected to as a consequence of their vote for the real traitor, the Marxist Islamist, Obama.