The obsessed 1

The Left is obsessed with what it considers the disadvantaged conditions of being non-white and/or non-male.

Envy consumes it. It contrives remedies that will have no effect on the realities of race and sex, such as victimizing people who are white and/or male.

Recently, the search-engine company Google dismissed one of its most skilled and highly qualified engineers, James Damore, because he wrote and published a memo pointing out that there are differences between men and women that cannot be changed by company policy.

Steven Crowder energetically endorses the memo and rebukes the company.

  • liz

    Why is it that every single person in charge of every single media organization is a leftist? (For that matter, everyone in charge of education and, until Trump won, government, too.) Who’s been minding the store? Apparently no one.
    They’ve crept in over the years unnoticed, like wolves in sheep’s clothing, until now they run the entire flock. Most of the sheep have been easily duped, and the dissenters are taken care of with character assassination and excommunication from the cult- er – flock.