The pursuit of happiness in the age of destruction 9

There are two great sources of happiness. (I am not saying they are the only ones, just that in my estimation they are the greatest.)

One is the achievement of something important to you for which you have striven; success at what matters supremely to you, a goal of your life accomplished. That is a happiness that depends only on you, on how well and how pertinaciously you work for it. The way to it can be helped or frustrated by others, but the attained end is yours, all yours, earned and deserved. If the goal itself is worth attaining (which is to say, not evil) it assures self-esteem. And justified self-esteem is happiness.

The even greater source of happiness is, I think, to live harmoniously in the companionship of another person; a person in whom you have confidence; whose happiness matters to you, and to whom your happiness matters. Such a bond can be fruitful with the birth of children. The happiness, the sheer pleasure, that children can bring to their parents is – in my experience – unequalled by anything else.

For millions of women, the pursuit of that supreme happiness has been discouraged, by feminists, environmentalists, and community-organizing governments; which is to say by the ideologues of the Left, the changers.

Systematically through the last hundred years, the Left has ruined art, music, poetry, architecture. The ugly, the cacophanous, the unintelligible, the brutal and overwhelming are all that we are offered. The works bewilder and belittle us, and bore us too. Vast edifices ignore the eternal human desire for seclusion, tranquility and comfort in private life and for pleasantness and convenience in public places; for buildings and streets which are in proportion to our human size and are considerate of our nature.

Now science too has been corrupted by the changers. It is no longer a search for truth, but an oracular source of dogma. We must believe its doctrine that we, the human race, are a danger to the planet we live on – an accusation intended to abase and shame us. They – the changers – tell us we are too many, are harmful to other living things, to the earth and the air and the seas.

The changers insult and deplore our civilization, ultimately to destroy it.

For a while yet you may strive for personal achievement.

For a while yet you may establish a family and live in your own house.

But the circumstances are changing. Our civilization is under attack, and it is no longer strong or well defended.

They are changing everything: where you live, how you live, with whom you live; what you learn and so what you think; what you do, how you do it, and with whom; what you eat; what you wear; whom you may befriend; whether you may be cured when you are sick; how long you may live and when and how you will die.

The changers do not need to constitute or dominate an elected government. You will not be able to vote them in or out. They know they cannot be sure of winning by the ballot. So democracy will go.

The Left has become Death, the destroyer of our world.


Jillian Becker    August 16, 2017

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  • liz

    Very well stated, and sadly, true. It may be unavoidable that, simply because of the irrational, dishonest, destructive ideology of the Left, continually injected like poison into our consciousness, our civilization will disintegrate like Rome’s. Then, a few hundred (thousand?) years from now, the writings of our Founding Fathers, like those of the Greek philosophers, will be rediscovered. But there’s still a chance we can recover before it’s too late.

  • Cogito

    Our world is crumbling before our very eyes and this is happening much faster than I anticipated. It may even happen in my lifetime. I am speechless.

    • Athrin

      it will, if and when the USA enters a civil war, the rest of the world will go to war with each other, nukes will eventually be used and that will be it for humanity.

  • Athrin

    for 2000 years both islam and christianity has tried to destroy/corrupt science and failed, it too the left 50 years to destroy sciences credibility…Western civilization is finished, done, dead, i cannot see, in any circumstance, where conservatives/libertarians doing what is necessary to save western civilization. They are just too stupid and cowardly. The left is much more brave and exponentially smarter than conservatives.

    • Not smarter. Just much more fanatical and single-minded and ruthless. All we have is Trump. If he fails, who then? What then?

      • Athrin

        no, they are smarter…you do not see the problem of DINOs in the democratic party, they do not keep electing fake democrats over and over again like they do in the GOP….the lefts knows what works and uses it, conservatives either are too stupid to know what works or are too cowardly to use what works. Trump is the closest thing to a conservative to be elected as GOP POTUS, if their is ever another GOP POTUS, they will be more leftist than conservative, currently there are more democrats in the GOP than there are conservatives. IF Trump fails? only, ONLY option for conservatives is civil war/revolution.

        • liz

          They are smarter only in the sense that any criminal is “smarter” than the honest person he robs. They are “smart” at lying, cheating and stealing. In the ability to see the bigger picture they are idiots.

        • Tim H

          Hmm…my last comment disappeared like the money for Green subsidies. Anyway, it isn’t the only option: Article 5 Convention of States is an option.

          • Sorry to hear your comment disappeared! I cannot even suggest why that happened. Have no idea why. We do very much want you to comment, Tim H! ( I particularly like your analogy in this one.)