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Our commenter Animal has contributed this vision of America in a state of civil war. We thought it vivid and probable enough to post on our front page.


Here’s the catch; any 21st century American civil war won’t resemble the 1861-1865 war at all. And not just for technological reasons.

The 1861-1865 war wasn’t really a civil war; it did not involve two factions fighting for control of one nation, as did the two Roman civil wars of the late Republic, or the English civil war. Our war was a war of secession, where one part of the nation tried to break away and form a new country.

It was also a war with clear geographic boundaries, North against South (mostly, the West was a little confused) and mostly fought by established armies in the martial traditions of the time. The tensions of that conflict are still felt today.

Any second conflict will be a true civil war. There will be few geographic boundaries, other than urban v. rural. This will be a conflict that doesn’t involve the military so much as gangs of irregulars; imagine Charlottesville if both sides had come armed and willing to open fire.

And the second civil war will be fought amongst us. Imagine pitched battles on the streets of our major cities; raids into the suburbs when the cities run short of food and water. Imagine a complete breakdown of emergency services in those cities as first responders encounter armed gangs willing to kill them for their vehicles, equipment and medicines. Imagine hordes of refugees fleeing the cities, into the countryside, under the misapprehension that somehow there is plenty of food to be had in the countryside, but having no skills whatsoever to find or grow said food. Imagine rural residents facing rampant theft and trespassing responding by forming their own armed militias to repel the invaders, and thus escalate the conflict into the countryside.

There are only two ways any government could respond to this crisis:

1) Impose martial law and restore order by force. Such force would have to be overwhelming, brutal and merciless. Bear in mind that this option is likely to fail, as a significant portion of our military would likely refuse to exercise brutality on their fellow citizens.

2) Respond weakly and fecklessly, as when Jefferson Davis pleaded with an angry, starving mob in Richmond in 1864, finally turning out his pockets to toss a few coins into the crown. Such a response would be worse than doing nothing at all.

In either case, the United States as we knew it ends at that point.

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  • liz

    I just can’t imagine that it would actually get to this point. Back in the 60’s protests, I remember the National Guard was called out to restore order.
    Trump could do that, or declare Martial Law, depending on the situation.
    He ought to dismantle half the bureaucracy already, and at least get rid of half the Obama holdovers that way. He should also declare Antifa, BLM, and the Muslim Brotherhood (and the many other similar groups) to be domestic terrorists, so they can be dealt with accordingly. And of course ban Muslim immigration, and George Soros. That would pretty much prevent a civil war.

  • Athrin

    you forgot to mention that in next civil war in US, the death toll will not be close to 650k like the first but 150 million+ for BOTH sides will fight to completly exterminate the other and if the USA enters a civil war, the entire planet will erupt in war, BILLIONS will die and humanity may go extinct if nukes are used, and they will be used.

    • Right, I didn’t mention that.

    • You know, I may have to take that comment and expand it into a full-blown essay. The implications of such an event could be literally world changing.