A Muslim moralist speaks 1

In vivid words of loathing and contempt, this religious Muslim condemns Muslim grooming gangs (rapists, pimps, sex-slavers of underage girls). Good.

He also – even more vituperatively – condemns their victims. They are, he says, trash and the children of trash.

But we think the video is most interesting for the opinion he expresses, with intense scorn and disgust, of his hosts, the indigenous white people of Britain in general.

Why, feeling as he does, he chooses to live in the United Kingdom – or for that matter any Western country whose majority population is white – is an obvious question.

Another obvious question is: why does Britain want to host him and his like-thinkers, any more than the grooming gangs?


(Hat-tip for the video to our Facebook contributor Julie Keogh)

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  • liz

    Yes, just wonderful, all that multicultural diversity enriching our society!
    Like we couldn’t live without their invaluable contributions of arrogance, ignorance, parasitism, terrorism, rape, and the barbaric treatment of women, rounded out by a total lack of appreciation for the benefits bestowed on them by Western civilization, who’s generosity they repay with nothing but hatred and contempt for us ‘infidels’ as their ‘inferiors’.
    Taking in backward people who want to improve themselves and are grateful for the opportunity to do so is one thing. Morons with an incurable superiority complex is another. Send them back to the ‘superior’ dungheaps they came from.