Something worth living for 4

… the task of preserving OUR CIVILIZATION.

Professor Jordan Peterson speaks FOR freedom, FOR gratitude for all that OUR CIVILIZATION endows us with, and FOR the great life-purpose of accepting our responsibility to preserve it: and AGAINST “postmodernism”, Marxism, the all-too-many tyrannies ruled by thugs, the pseudo-disciplines in the universities – such as Women’s Studies, Black Studies. He rages against the appalling fact that tax-payers in North America are forced to fund courses – such as Women’s Studies, Black Studies, and left-perverted “postmodern” courses in History, Anthropology, Sociology – that teach the destruction of individualism, that would make each of us nothing more than a sample of a category – a race, a class, a color – “victimized” by OUR CIVILIZATION, all in order to demolish OUR CIVILIZATION.

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  • Zerothruster

    I endorse Prof. Peterson’s views and tactics. … organizing against the postmodern beast to defund and disestablish it where it breeds, in the universities. I was in a local university library this weekend and saw a rotating kiosk of “Recommended Readings” relating to ‘whiteness’, racism, the alt-right, the KKK, police violence, activism, the struggle, etc. There is always a kiosk of recommended readings in the library’s lobby, and the readings are nearly always politically correct agitation/propaganda, often though not always on racial themes. (I photographed the books on display to document their cover or spine information.)

    One theme that Peterson did not emphasize is the extent to which the universities have become seminaries and boot-camps for actual radical leftist agitation and activism (the intellectual rot of postmodernism notwithstanding.) I’ve often thought that a major point of postmodernism’s esoteric obscurantism is to enable its ‘scholars’ to churn out a standardized pulp stream of incomprehensible nonsense in the minimum possible amount of time — so they can get on with their real work, destroying the Western heritage with their partisan activism.

    Prof. Peterson’s take on religious concerns can be sampled here….

    I thought it interesting what he said at minute 11:40 – 11:50 in the video posted here by Jillian, where he mentions “the divinity of speech…” as “what our whole culture is predicated on.” He had previously mentioned “logos” in its Christian significance, as opposed to its more generic Greek context.

    • Thank you for your interesting comment.

      I agree wholly with Dr, Peterson’s political views – all thatI have heard. I disagree with him on religion.

  • Bruce

    This is what postmodernism is:

    A bigger pile of horse manure could not be created if you gathered every Clydesdale on the planet together and gave them a each a bag of Haribo sugar free gummies to eat.

  • liz

    I guess the only place you can go “post” modern is back to primitive, and that’s exactly where we’re headed. Ayn Rand warned about this way back in the 70’s in “The Return to the Primitive”.The Marxist are paving the way by destroying civilization (in the name of “environmentalism”, “multiculturalism”, “feminism” and “diversity”, etc.). The Muslims will take over from there by out-populating us in a generation or two with their wonderfully superior culture of barbaric ignorance, misogyny, religious supremacism, and tyranny.