Words that made our world 8

Ezra Levant talks about the huge contribution one man made to our culture, to the English language, to the whole human race. He is a dead white man – and the greatest writer who has ever lived.

There are plotters on the Left who would exclude him from school curricula in America now, cut him out, have nothing more to do with him. He is irrelevant, they say, to the lives of this and that group of people. But the plotters will not be able to do it. He has provided them with the language in which they think, and to a large extent what they think about. They can ignore his works. They can refuse to utter his name. But though they don’t know it, he lives inside their heads. As long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, or English is spoken, or people have thoughts and passions, so long lives he.

Posted under education by Jillian Becker on Saturday, September 16, 2017

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  • liz

    Leftists rejecting Shakespeare, in spite of the fact that “he has provided them with the language in which they think”, just confirms what idiots they are.
    Like Levant says, the real reason they reject Shakespeare is because they’re too stupid to teach him. Their plan of dumbing everyone down succeeded so well they’ve dumbed themselves down, too. Now they don’t even understand what they hate or why they hate it – they just hate whatever they’re programmed to hate. (Especially Trump, because ‘Love Trumps Hate’.)

  • Athrin

    the greatest genocide in human history is happening before our very eyes and whites are doing NOTHING to stop it….to stop their own extermination.

    • I share your exasperation. But the genocides will not succeed. The Left is too emotional, childish, drug-besotted, mentally feeble. Or they’re Muslims. The Dark Ages cannot defeat the 21st century.

      • Athrin

        it will and it has, europe is 100% lost, they have ZERO chance to reverse their islamisation, the USA is is rapidly joining them with the left having FULL control of congress and the WH and most states. Russia and china is seeding their own destruction by allying themselves with iran. It is over, conservatives have lost, western civilization has lost.

        • There could be war. And it might save our civilization.

          • Athrin

            i do not see conservatives having the spine to go to war vs the left…or islam.

            • Maybe not the conservatives in power. But what of the 63 million who voted for Trump? Those marvelous bikers? Steel-workers? Miners? The members of the NRA?

            • Athrin

              the same stupid cowards who keep voting for the Mccains, graham, mcconnel and ryan? ya no, american conservatives are without a doubt the dumbest and most cowardly group of people in human history.