The Left’s obsession with race 6

The Left is not interested in economic prosperity, the protection of individual freedom, maintaining the rule of law, the security of property rights, or the strong defense of the nation, as we conservatives are.

What then?

Leftists now – which is to say Democrats – are all hit up about race. They are obsessed with race. 


That is what you are if you do not loudly and insistently support Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, jihadis, Antifa, and Bernie Sanders or at least Hillary Clinton.

It will be a white man speaking, likely as not. But if you are white and male you are evil because you are white and male. He is excepted because he stands with BLM etc.

You may be a woman. It is still you who are sexist.

You may be black and born a Muslim (like the great Ayaan Hirsi Ali). You are still a racist and an Islamophobe.

You may be a homosexual (like Milo), but you are still homophobic.

You may have fought a war against supremacists and fascists and nazis, but if you are not loudly supportive of BLM etc. you are still a “racist…whitesupremacist-fascist-nazi”.

They are inseparable, those accusations. The words are always spoken together. Hillary Clinton reels them off when she recites what’s wrong with President Trump (who is not, of course, any of those things.)

The accuser is plainly none too bright, but he thinks he is much smarter than you. What he has done to be proud of is collect benefits from big mommy government, and march in protests against the police, the Republican president, and conservative lecturers.

He is also plainly arrogant and ignorant (he has been taught nothing worth learning at school or at university if he got that far), and also uncivil, violent when he feels he can get away with it, and deeply emotional. The Left is the side of the emotions in politics. Leftism is a religion, and like every religion, it eschews reason.

The Leftist thinks about little else than race to the extent that he thinks at all. He is a true, out-and-out-racist. Yet it’s the worst word he can think of to fling at you. The other accusatory labels just follow on like the words of an advertising jingle. You are first and foremost a racist if you aren’t on his side, and if you’re a racist you’re all those other things too.

He has one other issue besides race-sex-etc. that he will foam at the mouth over, and that is man-made global warming. If you are not with him on that, if you are unconcerned about the weather in a hundred years time, he believes you deserve to be shot.

You deserve to be shot anyway, because you are a racist-sexist-etc.

Don’t try arguing with him. He cannot follow an argument. He will just shout louder than you can or care to. He may also hit you.

Just go on voting for Donald Trump and conservatives.

And hit back, harder.

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  • Robert Kantor

    In the past ten years or so, Democratic Party leftists and their allies in the media and academia have portrayed white people as the enemy of all that is good. They speak incessantly of white supremacy, white racism, white nationalism, white privilege, old white men, dead white men, and angry white men. At the same time, they are forever aligning themselves with the worst elements of the black population: Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, and all of the Hate Whitey mob. They seem determined to nail down the already nailed-down black vote. It’s not hard to predict that in the long run (and not so long run) most white people will come to believe that they have no friend in the Democratic Party and will vote accordingly. It’s also not hard to predict that they will be denounced as racist in the NY Times and the rest of the media.

    • liz

      Yes, and sooner or later the fanatical denouncements of whites by the Left will be repeated so often that no one will listen to them anymore.
      They will be universally recognized as the evil manipulative liars and/or blithering lunatics they really are.

      • Jeanne Shockley

        Do you actually think that a shift in perception could occur some time during this administration? It is very difficult to reason with those who hold such notions and they seem to never tire of race-shaming to destroy anyone who does.

        • liz

          You’re right – actually my statement is way too optimistic. Wishful thinking! It’s a pretty safe bet that there will always be enough “useful idiots” to keep the left’s propaganda mill in business.

          • Jeanne Shockley

            Oh gosh. I didn’t mean to sound confrontational. I sort of like wishful thinking myself.

            • liz

              I didn’t take your question as confrontational – just a helpful reminder of reality! But who knows – maybe there actually will be a shift in perception during this administration! Alot of ‘millennials’ will become more mature in the next 4 – 8 years, and may come to realize that they have been lied to by the Left. Maybe thats not too “wishful” of a thought!