The leader of the Western world addresses the UN 2

President Trump gave A GREAT SPEECH at the nefarious UN today: for the nation state, against “Islamic terrorism” (he used those very words), naming our enemies and warning them in strong terms …

Watch, and listen to it all. (As usual we politely disregard references to religion and “God”.)

The text of the speech may be found here.

The UN must be destroyed!

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  • BobC

    The speech was fantastic. He told the truth about everyone which is unusual for an American president. I don’t understand why he invoked the magic god fairy numerous times at the end of the speech. I guess he has to pretend to be religious to get elected.

    • liz

      Yes it was a great speech! Unique in that it was bluntly honest.
      It didn’t sugar coat much, except for not going into detail on how utterly corrupt and worthless the U.N. is. Hopefully it was a ‘shot over the bow’, so that when he defunds them they can’t say he didn’t warn them.