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The great novelist Vladimir Nabokov said that progress was “always a knight’s move forward” – alluding of course to the move a knight makes in a game of chess: one straight and one diagonal.

It seems he may be right. And though I hate to admit it, a knight’s move forward is quite similar to the Hegelian/Marxist dialectic: thesis -> antithesis -> synthesis.

What has this to do with our concern with what’s happening in our world, our time?

Well, one politician, in one country in Europe, has come up with an idea that neither accepts the status quo – his country being flooded with Muslims who will increasingly change the culture and politics of his country for the worse – nor the extreme remedy prescribed by angry protestors, to expel them all. He takes the way things stand (call it the thesis), observes the growing protest (the antithesis), and comes up with a series of practical steps that could possibly turn the Muslim invaders into acceptable Europeans (the synthesis).

Soeren Kern writes about this politician and his idea at Gatestone:

A groundbreaking new law regulating the integration of immigrants has gone into effect in Austria. The so-called Integration Law — which bans full-face Muslim veils in public spaces and prohibits Islamic radicals from distributing the Koran — establishes clear rules and responsibilities for recognized asylum seekers and refugees who are granted legal residence in the country.

Austrian officials say the main goal of the law is to promote respect for Austrian values, customs and culture; Muslims claim that the measure unfairly targets them and will promote “Islamophobia”. 

As of October 1, anyone covering his or her face in public with a burka, niqab or mask is subject to a fine of €150 ($175).

By itself, that law is not new. Other European countries have it too.

The law, which follows similar bans in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, requires the face to be completely visible in all public spaces, including bus, rail, air and sea transport. Those who refuse to comply are subject to arrest.

But Austria is doing more than that:

The new law also requires immigrants from non-EU countries to sign an “integration contract” which obligates them to learn written and spoken German and to enroll in courses about the “basic values of Austria’s legal and social order”. Immigrants are also required to “acquire knowledge of the democratic order and the basic principles derived from it”. 

Immigrants are subsequently required to take an “immigration exam” to prove that they have “in-depth knowledge of the German language for independent use” and “in-depth knowledge of the fundamental values ​​of the legal and social order of the Republic of Austria”. 

Immigrants have a period of two years to prove their compliance with the integration agreement. Those who fail to comply are subject to fines of up to €500 ($585), imprisonment of two weeks and the loss of social welfare benefits — but not deportation.

The new integration law is the brainchild of Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, the leader of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP). Kurz, who has taken an increasingly hard line on immigration, is leading the opinion polls in the run-up to parliamentary elections on October 15 and is on track to becoming Austria’s next chancellor.

He explained the rationale behind the new law:

The new integration law regulates the central framework conditions for the integration of people who want to settle in Austria: We need clear rules and regulations in order to achieve social solidarity and social peace. The principle on which this law is based is “integration through performance”. People are not judged by their country of origin but by their will to contribute to Austria. The main goal of this law is to promote integration. … We will not tolerate any symbols that aim to build a counter-society with us.”

Previously, Kurz was instrumental in reforming Austria’s century-old Islam Law (Islamgesetz), governing the status of Muslims in the country. Kurz’s other new law, which was passed in February 2015, is aimed at integrating Muslims and fighting Islamic radicalism by promoting an “Islam with an Austrian character”.

It also stresses that Austrian law must take precedence over Islamic Sharia law for Muslims living in the country.

Austria’s Muslim population now exceeds 700,000 (or roughly 8% of the total population), up from an estimated 340,000 (or 4.25%) in 2001 and 150,000 (or 2%) in 1990, according to data compiled by the University of Vienna.

The massive demographic and religious shift underway in Austria, traditionally a Roman Catholic country, appears irreversible. In Vienna, where the Muslim population now exceeds 12.5%, Muslim students already outnumber Catholic students at middle and secondary schools. Muslim students are also on the verge of overtaking Catholics in Viennese elementary schools.

At the same time, Austria has emerged as a major base for radical Islam. Austria’s Agency for State Protection and Counterterrorism (BVT) has warned of the “exploding radicalization of the Salafist scene in Austria”. Salafism is an anti-Western ideology that seeks to impose Islamic Sharia law.

Sebastian Kurz

“The immigration seen in recent years is changing our country not in a positive but in a negative way,” said Kurz, who is campaigning on a “law and order” platform: “Uncontrolled immigration destroys the order in a country.”

His plan might work.

Yet … the knight’s movement will not stop. Impossible to predict what antithesis will arise from an integrated Austrian Islam, to give rise to what synthesis.

What is certain is that Europe has been changed forever by mass Muslim immigration.

Whether it can in any way be made into an asset rather than the ominous threat it is now, remains to be seen.

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  • I don’t know how significant this is, but Sebastian Kurz is a member with George Soros of something called the European Council on Foreign Relations:


    According to wikipedia at least this organization was created with funding from the Soros’s Open Society foundation.

    • Extremely significant. Rhetorical questions: What did George Soros expect of this organization? What is its agenda? According to Wiki, it is concerned with “climate change; development and human rights; nuclear proliferation and global governance”. That would explain Soros’s support for it. So, is Sebastian Kurz in defiance of its agenda? Seems to be! Thank you so much for this fascinating – and ominous –

      • Honestly I just can’t make sense of it, but we may soon have a better idea depending on the shape of the coalition. Macron as well has me confused because he seemed to be the worst kind of globalist but lefties are complaining apparently because he is getting tough on illegal immigration – not sure if this is actually real or not either.

      • By the way I just made a short post at the Participator I think I made a powerful argument at the end of it (not sure if its been made before):

        “Misled About Muhammad – Islamic Propaganda In Our Schools”


        • I have commented on your site:
          Very good article. Desperately needs saying. Are you taking a great risk saying it now in Britain?

  • Another large showing by the Football Lads Alliance (ignored elsewhere by the Glozi MSM of course):


    There will be a lot of support for Anne Marie Waters among these lads – I think you will see voters switching allegiance from Labour to her new party, it won’t just divide UKIP support (although it will do that to some extent inevitably unfortunately).

  • Anti-Islam candidate Anne Marie Waters rejected by UKIP has announced she is starting a new party. More details next week. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d36c1bcf8e452f5be5695c87d772eaeed72bcfc5deb891d047ea46aefe5431da.jpg

  • Call me an extremist but right now I think its necessary to go further and say no immigration from Muslim countries except in cases where there’s known persecution and proven immediate threat to life. I would make it a prerequisite that a person would have to renounce Islam in totality even in such cases.

    • liz

      I totally agree. But to do that, the “moral authority” that the Left has arrogated to itself to beat down all opposition with screams of “racism” is going to have to be wrenched out of their cold dead clutches first.

    • Yes!

      And ditto to liz’s comment.

  • liz

    Kurtz new immigration law makes sense, and should already be the bare minimum for any country with Muslim immigrants. But I’m not sure if it is really enough. Too little too late? I don’t know if anything but a complete ban on Islam, period, would work. Would allowing Nazis to become citizens by simply requiring them to “acquire knowledge of the Democratic order and the basic principles derived from it” be an adequate safeguard against their continuing belief in, and practice of, Nazism?
    We allow a Communist Party to exist in this country, and look where it’s gotten us! They’ve infiltrated and corrupted the culture, academia, and every institution, right up to the highest office in the land.
    Which, by the way, is the only reason we even have an Islam problem in the first place – the Leftists who now control everything (in spite of Trump) have ‘weaponized’ Islam against us and will continue to use it to destroy us.