Et tu, Nigel? 9

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), formerly led by Nigel Farage, recently held an election for a new leader. The candidate who should have been elected is Anne Marie Waters, who is against the EU, and against the Islamization of Britain. Instead, a lack-luster candidate, Henry Bolton, with little known support, was somehow finagled into winning.

Amazingly, Nigel Farage opposed Anne Marie Waters and continues to support Henry Bolton!

In this video, Tommy Robinson, patriot and spokesman for millions of Britons ignored by successive governments (not “far-right”, not a neo-Nazi, not a racist) protests the election and what has happened to UKIP; predicts its demise; stresses the importance of combating the Islamic jihad; and challenges Nigel Farage, whom he had much admired, with highly justified indignation:

  • More evidence today that Bolton is an establishment plant who will lead UKIP to conformity with establishment ideas:

    “Bolton Announces UKIP Leadership Team, Snubs Kurten Despite Promises”

    Kurten was an interesting “also ran” candidate who is more outspoken about Islam than any other candidate except Anne Marie Waters.

    • The very fact that he was a Liberal Democrat tells one all that needs to be known about him. Groan! What a pusillanimous lot they were!

      • Not just that but he was still a lib dem when he was 51! Hardly excusable, not exactly a mistake of his idealistic youth. After my prediction about Paul Nuttall was proved so right (not to mention T. May), I feel a little bit more confident in my predictions. I think he might do slightly better than Nuttall but we need a revolution right now. Here are a couple of fun memes that illustrate what a lot of people are thinking right now:

        Follow Me Men

        UKIP members are BNP types, join UKIP today

        • Thanks for all these. Who is this George Garbow? Is he in jail, or in hiding? I have posted the video that YouTube has banned. On our Facebook page. I want to see if anything happens to it here.
          A daughter of mine was once a UKIP candidate in a general election. Now, she says, UKIP is finished.

          • I am “following” him on Twitter, he is posting these memes regularly so he seems to be alive and well.

            That’s interesting, is she in agreement on Henry Bolton presumably then? Does she like the new party led by AMW as an alternative?

  • Henry Bolton will lead UKIP to oblivion (they already set off on that journey under Paul Nuttall’s dismal leadership). Anne Marie Waters is starting a new party called “For Britain”, this is the Facebook page of the party:

    Note the Trident symbol is the logo.

    She is holding a press conference on Sunday apparently.

    • i went there and “liked” a whole lot of posts and comments.

  • liz

    What happened to Nigel Farage?