Et tu, Nigel? 4

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), formerly led by Nigel Farage, recently held an election for a new leader. The candidate who should have been elected is Anne Marie Waters, who is against the EU, and against the Islamization of Britain. Instead, a lack-luster candidate, Henry Bolton, with little known support, was somehow finagled into winning.

Amazingly, Nigel Farage opposed Anne Marie Waters and continues to support Henry Bolton!

In this video, Tommy Robinson, patriot and spokesman for millions of Britons ignored by successive governments (not “far-right”, not a neo-Nazi, not a racist) protests the election and what has happened to UKIP; predicts its demise; stresses the importance of combating the Islamic jihad; and challenges Nigel Farage, whom he had much admired, with highly justified indignation:

  • Henry Bolton will lead UKIP to oblivion (they already set off on that journey under Paul Nuttall’s dismal leadership). Anne Marie Waters is starting a new party called “For Britain”, this is the Facebook page of the party:

    Note the Trident symbol is the logo.

    She is holding a press conference on Sunday apparently.

    • i went there and “liked” a whole lot of posts and comments.

  • liz

    What happened to Nigel Farage?