The price of smug idealism 1

In this recent video (October 6, 2017) of a Victor Davis Hanson lecture, he says much that we agree with, a few things we don’t (chiefly his disparaging remarks about Donald Trump which are frankly snobbish). But he makes one point at the very end of the clip which we value and would stress. He says that Donald Trump’s message (as Republican candidate for the presidency) was that “a particular subset of middle America between the two coasts always pays the price for someone else’s smug idealism”.

The people of the West generally are paying the price for the smug idealism of the Left, which has destroyed our culture and is threatening the destruction of our entire civilization. The Left lost political power in America, but it conquered the culture.

As for his main point, that Obama destroyed the Democratic Party, we applaud the statement and the fact.

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  • liz

    The jokes about Trump are forgivable since he blames the “never Trumpers”, right along with Progressives, for allowing everyone else to pay the price for their “smug idealism”. One example of that price was the eight years of Obama’s presidency. He won both times due – at least in part – to some Republican “smug idealists” refusal to vote for McCain or Romney. (Not so great, but the “lesser of two evils”.) They tried it with Trump but, fortunately, failed.
    Hansen thinks Obama is a great “gift” to Republicans because of his destruction of the Democrat party, but I don’t think that gift was worth the price we paid. He presided over not only the destruction of the Democrats, but of (what was left of) the integrity of our governing system (Deep State) and culture.
    I don’t know if even a continuing swing of the pendulum back toward the right in the mid-term elections will be enough to repair the damage already done.