Islam’s colonization policy 1

The most interesting thing Ann Corcoran says in this video is that Muslim “refugees” are being sent to America (as they were sent to Europe) by the Organization of the Islamic Conference*,  in collusion (or a better word may be conspiracy) with Leftist bureaucrats. And – in America’s case – with sentimental religious groups.

The video was published in 2015. The influx of Muslims was encouraged under the disastrous Obama presidency.

Now President Trump has significantly reduced the number of Muslims admitted into the United States by banning all entry from certain Muslim countries.


*Now calling itself the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

  • liz

    Well, surprise, surprise! Talk about “collusion” and a “vast conspiracy”!
    How about “treason”? It’s infuriating that this was brought out back in 2015 and NOTHING was done about it. We now have Trump at LEAST slowing it down, but that’s hardly addressing the issue. Where’s the investigation of “collusion” on this? No, we only “investigate” the dreaded and dire threat of the vast secret racist Nazi conspiracy of Trump to impose a fascist dictatorship while colluding with the Russians to defeat heroic Hillary Clinton who, of course, NEVER colluded with the Russians AND the FBI on the uranium deal!