The man who dared to challenge Google 5

Google is left-biased. So it is racist and sexist. This video is about its fanatical and absurd sexism:

Posted under Sex by Jillian Becker on Thursday, November 9, 2017

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  • Mike

    This is the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. No sane human can possibly believe this Marxist idiocy, this sheer fraud of reason. My idea at least makes sense to me.

    • Which idea of yours in particular are you referring to, Mike?

      I totally agree “Marxist idiocy” and “fraud of reason”.

      • Mike

        What I meant is my belief that humans are being replaced by alien clones, like the movie I referenced, to explain Marxists.

    • liz

      Yes, their reasoning is not simply flawed, or even biased – it is a complete fraud! It’s not reasoning, its a mandatory denial of reality.
      Like religious devotees must pretend to enjoy sacrificing themselves in service of a god they must pretend to know and love, leftists must pretend to enjoy being unisex, truly UNdiverse clones to serve the progressive agenda that demands the sacrifice of the individual for the sake of the ‘collective’.