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Dr.Bill Warner on why Islam cannot be reformed:

Posted under Islam, jihad by Jillian Becker on Friday, November 17, 2017

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  • Well said Dr. Warner as ever.

    Christmas is coming, and so are:

    “Islamophobic Vehicle Barriers”

    by our regular contributor Tom (aka British Awakening).

    • Very good article.

      I commented on it – predicting that the government-permitted Muslim invasion will bring about the the end of Britain. You may think my prognosis too “extreme” or just too pessimistic, Chauncey. But how can it not be true?

      • Keep saying it – people need to be galvanized! I’m putting my hope in ForBritain party and the fact that our enemies are going increasingly insane. Govt. apparently following Canada with a law to let people change gender at the stroke of a pen – article by Brendan O’Neill on it. All the dysfunction is waking people up, but maybe not fast enough yet. We’ll keep putting the truth out there.

      • Great Britain is re-awakening. Let me prove it with evidence:

        (notice the shadow of a fallen soldier who walks behind him)

        • Context please. Who? Where? When? Why?

          • The young chap with the beard is Luke Nash Jones, a newcomer on the scene who runs MBGA News – more a commentary channel really.

            The other two tweets are re. the ForBritain party of course. People are rapidly joining and I shared the second tweet as an example of the heartfelt patriotic but not racist sentiments of those who are doing so.

          • PS Secretly I expect great things from this young chap, he is not very well known yet but he will be before long.

          • Sorry forgot to add the where when why bit, careless of me. There was recently a protest against the BBC which also featured some other rising stars, I will search for some more info. on this.

          • The group have a website and also a Youtube channel–2htHw – worth watching. Some of their things are done in a slightly jokey format but make no mistake they are serious people. MBGA obviously is a variation on MAGA but for Britain instead.

            Interestingly they seem to have a foot slightly in both the ForBritain and UKIP camp – UKIP recently publicized their BBC protest. I tried to point out to them that Henry Bolton has a nasty habit of calling people Nazis for no good reason but so far they didn’t respond to that, although they did respond to some of my other tweets.

            I *think* that speech came from this event but I could be wrong – you can find it in the channel if you want to, here is something from that protest that was held outside the BBC building:

            Anyway explore the links if you want, I need to get my head down right now for our weekly roundup, more later…

            • Fascinating website! Thank you so much for the link. I’ll make use of it.

      • Apologies for the remark from Scapegoat I have chastised him/her for that.

  • Cogito

    This is clear, concise, and convincing.

    Jihad is doctrinal. It is unalterable, as is hatred of Jews, Christians, Hindus, and of course, atheists.

    Yes, we all know pleasant and “moderate” moslems, but they are only pleasant and moderate to the extent that they do not follow the dictates of their religion.