Britons awake – to despair! 41

Britain ruled the largest empire in history. It was the mainspring of the Enlightenment – and so the main engine of Western civilization. Its language is the medium of international communication. Its greatest product – the United States of America – is the mightiest power in the world.

Now the elected leaders of Britain are handing the country over to a prolific horde of stealthy invaders from the Dark Ages, devotees of a religion that is supremacist, totalitarian, homophobic, misogynist, anti-Semitic, murderous, and savagely cruel. Islam.

A few hundred thousand – mainly working-class – citizens are appalled at what is being inflicted on them. They look for help to a few brave people who are willing to suffer persecution by the state, heavy fines, imprisonment for speaking out against the destruction of the nation.

But they are close to despair. Here one of them, Paul Weston, explains why the political party he formed is disbanding. Another leader, of the newly formed ForBritain party, is the only hope Britain has. Paul Weston urges his followers to follower her.

King Henry V, Wellington, Nelson, Churchill … your nation’s survival now rests on the frail shoulders of Anne Marie Waters.

What can she do? What can she be but a tragic heroine?

From Jihad Watch:

With the number of arrests over “hateful” comments posted online rising as much as 877 per cent in some parts of England, the Met boasting of having more than 900 specialist “hate crime” investigators, and officers touring mosques to tell worshippers to report any perceived slights to their community, people have questioned whether forces are spending their resources wisely. …

As the jihadis plot, how they must laugh at the foolishness and fecklessness of British authorities. While the British police increasingly devote their efforts to tracking down purveyors of “Islamophobic” speech, the next jihad massacre is being planned right now.

Britain is finished.

It is a tragedy beyond understanding, even more catastrophic than the fall of Rome.

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  • Anne Marie Waters seems a very unlikely candidate in many ways but I am confident that her movement is going to become a very significant force in UK politics.

  • Also in UK news today it seems that our weak Prime Minister has agreed to give the EU a “divorce bill” of 45-55 billion euros for no reason – there is no requirement in the article 50 to do so, the figure is completely arbitrary.

  • Big controversy today over some “Britain First” videos re-tweeted by Donald Trump:

    This group are led by two people with a small following but a huge social media presence. They are quite controversial even among anti-Islamic people, but I have never seen them involved in anything other than peaceful demonstrations against Islam – often outside mosques. There’s no denying that they are very brave, but many accuse them of a “secret agenda” of some sort, although I’m not even sure what that “agenda” is supposed to be.

  • liz

    Hopefully everyone in Liberty GB will follow his advice, and him joining up with Waters will strengthen the cause. Whether it will be enough to change the current situation remains to be seen. Even Weston doesn’t appear to be too optimistic about it.

  • Athrin

    this is only the beginning, if conservative continue to allow leftists to live, western civilization is done for. Time of ballots are over, time for the bullets.

    • It may come to that in Britain.

    • Jeanne Shockley

      If conservatives allow leftists to live? Are we to give into insanity here? This is what totalitarian nut-jobs do; kill the other that disagrees with them in any manner. Perhaps we could tone it down a bit and just round up all leftists and put them in re-education camps… I understand your frustration, but a bullet to the head of leftists is not the answer that will “save” western civilization. There would be no civilization if that path was traveled.

      • Mike

        You are so wrong I shudder to think that the fate of Humanity is in the hands of such muddled and weak thinkers. This enemy is intractable and nothing short of elimination will help us. I expect your sort would be hiding while the fighting is going on.

        • Jeanne Shockley

          Mike, I do not have a problem waging war against Islamism. I do have a problem with killing all leftists that happen to live in a Western Civ nation. You agree with Athrin that conservatives in England should kill all leftists who are their fellow citizens, is this correct?

          • Mike

            Where do I say kill all Leftists? And is twisting my words part of your debate style?

            • Jeanne Shockley

              You replied to my reply post to Athrin, wherein I questioned his call for conservatives to stop letting leftists live. You are speaking of eliminating Islamists, then? Are you insulting Athrin or me when you remark about someone hiding out during any fighting and whose thinking is weak and muddled? Perhaps this is just a case of your replying to the wrong person’s post.

      • liz

        Jeanne, I agree that we should avoid violence if at all possible. They are trying to provoke a race war already – it would play into their plan.
        We’ve got to keep making sure no more leftists get elected while we have the window of opportunity with Trump in office.

        • Jeanne Shockley

          Conservatives have failed to “sell” Conservatism, while Marxists have bewildered the masses with “equality and free stuff” for all. If the US has a race war and GB has a religious war, will we be fighting those of similar ilk I wonder? I do not believe we will be warring with each other before the citizens of GB are and that might be a good thing for us. What do you suppose the reaction of leftists in the US would be to a civil war in GB and how would that reaction play into their notion of racial fighting here? I would think they would be appalled and seek to defuse the situation that they have created at home, but that may be wishful thinking on my part. My sympathies to Great Briton.

          • liz

            Some might be appalled but my guess is that they would try to exploit it to their advantage by blaming it on the “racist” Brits.
            Then blame it on Trump and his racist supporters, as always.